June 10, 2019

Timothy 3:15-17 (NASB) and that from childhood you have known the sacred writings which are able to GIVE YOU THE WISDOM that LEADS to salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. All Scripture is inspired by God and PROFITABLE FOR TEACHING, for REPROOF, for CORRECTION, for TRAINING IN RIGHTEOUSNESS; so that the man of God may be adequate, EQUIPPED for every good work.


The above passage emphasizes something about disciplining ourselves and persevering to read the Bible, with some emphasis on reading it audibly (the reason can be read in yesterday’s daily devotion). When we do so, we will reap the following benefits:


1. The word will give its readers wisdom and understanding/ sharpness in thinking.


Through word reading, Holy Spirit will bring us to understand how the history of mankind is built and filled by Biblical figures. Holy Spirit will help us to understand how Gideon – who for so long lived under the control of fear – could subdue all his limitations and rise up as the deliverer of his nation. Likewise, we won’t keep being chained by all the limitations in our life!


Our perspective, way of thinking, and response towards various situations will change. Eventually our lives will also transform for sure!


2. The word will give guidance to its readers.


We build and fill our lives with the decisions we make. That’s why we need an accurate decision-making in every aspect of our daily life to become productive for the Kingdom of Heaven.


The problem is, we often decide based on our emotions & other inaccurate considerations. Reading the word regularly will help implant a divine pattern which will guide us in making all kinds of accurate decisions.


3. The word will show its readers the right path.


By reading the story of Biblical figures, we could compare our decisions to the decisions they’ve made and the consequences they have to face. This will help us in setting our course in life.


By learning from Samson’s life story, we could understand that in ministry, even the most-anointed person still needs to live in the ‘death of flesh’. Without living our everyday life and ministry in the death of flesh, we’ll automatically experience death!


From Joseph’s life, we learn that purity of life – especially in the aspect of morality/sexuality – will help position us to function in strategic positions without being defamed or slandered by gossips because of our past.


4. The word will set a righteous standard for its readers.


By reading the word, we will recognize God’s standards in every aspect of this life. The world has offered mankind an alternative standard of living (which seems more convenient and pleasant). However, everyone who lives according to this world’s standard will find their lives corrupted and broken! Only the divine standard could guard our everyday life from decay & destruction.


5. The word will fix and restore its readers.


Everyone who is devoted in reading the word will experience Holy Spirit working deeper in their lives. Holy Spirit has more freedom to show the ways of God to them; telling the right things to do; giving the urge and skills to always do the right thing in all aspects; and planting the passion to achieve great promises that the Father has prepared before the foundation of this world!


In short, those who are devoted in meditating the word day and night will have their everyday life separated and favored by God Himself!


6. The word will build in its readers a life pattern which makes them live pleasingly before God’s heart.


Holy Spirit will build divine life pattern in word readers through the life examples of Biblical figures. Their everyday life will be made pleasing before the heart of the Lord.


Their conscience’s voice will once again speak clearly and loudly, guarding word readers from falling. Sin & the various temptations of the Devil could no longer resurrect the desire of their heart. Self has been subdued completely!


7. The word will condition its readers to be a wholesome individual.


The word will activate Holy Spirit’s work in us deeper; He could start to fix various aspects of our life. Everything human and worldly still persisting in our life will start to be overhauled, and God will fill us with His divine promises. God will keep perfecting our lives, starting from the word He gives to us!


What’s the last word God gave you personally? #iLoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus