May 13, 2020

Able to hear the voice of God should be an aspect of spiritual life that is normal or natural for every believer. Just like a newborn baby, is expected to communicate normally. When the baby does not react or cannot communicate normally, we call the baby disabled.


In the same manner, it is just natural for the New Creation to immediately experience the ‘sense of spirituality’ built up in the mind or heart and begins to interact with God. If there is a believer who claims to be a New Creation but cannot communicate with God, that means something is wrong, there is a ‘spiritual defect’, and needs the miracles of the power of the Word that changes lives!


In my opinion, one of the reasons is because they do not know yet God’s ‘habits’ in communication.


Here are some ways that God usually uses to communicate with us His chosen people:


1. The voice of conscience


Yes, God speaks in the voice of our conscience. That is not ‘merely’ our own conscience. Because the Blood of Christ has purified our conscience from dead works, He can freely use our conscience to speak the right things or rebuke when we make mistakes or inaccuracies and show the way of truth (Hebrews 9:14, Romans  1: 18-20).


2. An impression or spiritual feeling


People used to call it a ‘feeling of peace’. It is out of many thoughts, people decide based on ‘a sense of peace in their hearts’. If he feels no peace, then he immediately revises the decision.


3. A bible verse that suddenly recalled 


In this manner, it takes a willingness to read and memorize verses of the Word. Because how can the Holy Spirit ‘remind us’ verse of the Word if we have never read or memorized it?


4. A word or a sentence that especially continues to speak strongly in our hearts


God can use words that we have read in a reading, or through a conversation, we have had with someone. It can also be through a word or sentence that someone said, and these words seem stored in our hearts and attract our attention. Actually, that is the voice of God that is coming into your life.


5. A ‘fragment of events’ that keep coming to our minds


It is more or less the same as when God speaks by using a word or sentence that comes into our minds, God can also use the ‘fragment of events’ we have experienced or told to us. God recalls that event as a medium to start a more detailed conversation with us.


6. A dream


Indeed, not all dreams are from God. If we receive a dream from God, the message that He wants to plant through that dream will keep ringing in our hearts.


7. A spiritual vision


Usually, this happens when we are in an atmosphere of prayer or worship – when our spiritual men are ‘alerted’. We seem to perceive a picture of an event that appears like a ‘photograph’ in our mind or imagination. Usually accompanied by a witness of the Spirit in our hearts.


8. A prophecy


God uses the mouth of His servant to deliver what He wants us to know.


9. The Knowing function


This is the way the Father and heavenly beings communicate with each other. Without spoken words, we can simply know what heavenly beings want to communicate. This is the same as how a file on a computer is ‘copy-pasted’, we don’t need to type anything, just like that all files can be transferred completely!


When heavenly beings communicate with the function of knowing, it just happens we have understood in detail what they want to convey!


10. Unusual supernatural events – we hear God’s voice audibly, experience angels’ visits, our spirits are brought to the spiritual realm, et cetera


Not everyone experiences this way. But when we experience the points above, it means that the Father is starting to communicate with us. Respond with a loving obedience response to Him! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus