December 30, 2019

I keep seeing in the spirit, there are many believers who are bringing along their inner wounds. Not because God doesn’t want to heal them, but because they don’t want to end it seriously in His presence. They “just feel” already healed though the wound is still open! So there are still “personality” problem and negative emotion:

  • Feeling ignored,
  • Feeling less praise,
  • Hard to submit to authority,
  • Hard to receive reprimand,
  • Having mistake of other’s good intention,
  • Having opinion that the truth delivered is considered to discredit them,
  • Always bringing up the other’s mistake that has passed for years,
  • Hard to see the goodness of others
  • Having unstable emotion that depends on the situation and condition,
  • Hard to accept other’s weakness but always demand other to understand,
  • Quick to anger and get easily offended,
  • People around them must always keep their hearts unoffended, etc.


It all shows that there are still many inner wounds that have not been completely healed.



God wants to heal us for He has a great plan! He wants to use us to be function as His tabernacle to restore the lives of many people (Revelation 21) because the source of the problem in this world is people – the wounded people! So the solution of all the problems in this world is WHOLE people (not wounded ones). That’s our existence as believers!


I feel, one of the causes the the restoration has not yet truly happened is the believers have not solved their inner conflicts seriously. They still continue to dwell on their heartache problems. They still have many problems. How can they be solutions?


But I’m sure that the work of the Holy Spirit and Word is going on very strongly. In various ways Holy Spirit will heal the wounds in the lives of believers. For God will bring forth His church as a wounded one, but holy and flawless.


Therefore we need to do active action as a form of cooperation with Holy Spirit:


1. Realize that inner wounds, heartache, disappointment are SINS and Father doesn’t like it at all.


Because Father has forgiven and forgotten our faults, how can we keep holding other’s faults and don’t forget it? It is evil before God’s sight! And it will make us difficult to grow. Because there is no atmosphere of peace and joy in our lives. Our lives become DRY so that it can be a place for a “devil to play” (Matthew 12:43) and our hearts are tortured and the health of our bodies will keep to be undermined (Matthew 18:34-35)


The realization that it is a sin should bring up the intention to be FREE FROM THE INNER CONFLICT. The alertness and the intention will be the door for the Holy Spirit to heal our lives. His touch of love will make us a WHOLE person or clean from inner conflicts.


2. Reading the word and praying is an active action that cannot be separated from the life of a believer


As long as we being lazy in doing that, there will never be a perfect recovery. The enemy will easily release the fiery darts to create new wounds in our lives. We will get easily offended and shaken!


But if we build strong conviction of truth (fully believe) then from within us will flow rivers of living water (John 7:38, Yehezkiel 47)


This will make us clean from all inner conflicts and extinguish every fiery dart from evil. Our lives have “anti-scratch and anti-earthquake”. Because our lives no longer depend on people, situation and condition but only on the spirit and word that is in us. So our emotions are no longer tossed about by external things, but we can keep surging (peace and joy) because there are His Word and reality in our hearts that become our focus entirely.


I am getting to realize now, that the resolution of the conflicts is not only done by one part (God) but there must be an active action from us who want to be healed and restored to become a whole person. This is our time to take an active attitude, so that the agenda of God to restore all things can be done perfectly through our lives as believers who been restored! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus