April 5, 2020

I felt in the spirit, an aggressive attack from the spirit of familiarity. This is like a ‘silent’ attack that no one is aware of. As a result, the spiritual condition of the people in the movement began to fade and drift into religious routines. They seem alive but their spirits are dead, they sound crowded but empty inside! This is a very dangerous condition. That is the enemy’s strategy, using the spirit of familiarity to put down the spirit of the people in the movement.


The enemy tries to repeat the history of ‘the death of spiritual movement’. They want to ‘patent’ the feeling of ‘ordinary, cold, and saturated’ when listening to the Word, praying and worshiping as another alternative in fellowship with God. They want to make it as a normal thing without any debate.


The Holy Spirit gave me a vision: There are many believers who are trapped by the spirit of familiarity, because they are still stepping on the dust of the ground (live from outward and humane things)!


The Holy Spirit emphasized: “Make sure you build your spirit man every day. Make sure you feel the flame and the burn in your spirit! And pray until God gives you His word. Then declare His word until the intensity of His presence become stronger in your life. By doing it, you are stepping on the Word and fly high! Any trap set by the enemy will not hit you, because you have a different way of life. You live in His Spirit!


I want to make sure to always build my spirit man. That is a lifestyle and the only way of life. There is no other alternative. It is the only one!


I wrote this message as a warning and exclamation in the spirit for all of us! Especially for those who long for a great spiritual revival through His church. Make sure you always keep your spirit man in the full dynamics and excitement of His spirit and Words! At all times! Because that’s the way it should be! That is the only way to overcome the work of the spirit of familiarity and the spirit of intimidation, which usually will soon follow and attack once we begin to become familiar.


For those who really long for the great revival and prepare for it, is the ‘last fortress’ of His church. We must not, and will not fail in our duty to be the carrier of the reality of His presence on this earth. It is our duty to always maintain the fire of revival in our lives and transmit it to as many other believers as possible. Together, we will bring down the fire of a great revival from the throne room, that will engulf the whole world!


Ps. Steven Agustinus