6 February, 2019

Since following Holy Spirit’s acceleration class, He keeps teaching me many spiritual facts that I didn’t know. Not only that, He also actively cleanses me from inaccuracies in many aspects of my life.

From today’s word meditation, Holy Spirit’s current agenda for me is in the aspect of identity, desires, decision-making, and way of living.

1. Meditating about my identity in Christ, I realize that the King of all kings is also my Father

As a Father, He has prepared all my needs. Not only that, He wants to give me authority as His son. Because we need authority to carry out the restoration of all things. However, the King, who is also our Father, will only give authority to His sons who’ve reached adulthood.

Meanwhile, I realize that without growing in my knowledge of God, I won’t reach adulthood. This is the point where I realize the importance of devoting myself in the apostles’ teaching.

2. When reading about the fall of Adam and Eve in Genesis 3, Holy Spirit opened my understanding that desires which don’t come from God will make someone decide things which will take them away from God’s favor

When imagining this, I felt the spirit dimension of the fear of the Lord descending and gripping my life so strongly. In my imagination, I could vividly see how the Devil neither dragged nor moved Eve’s hand to pick the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. The Devil didn’t even ‘cram’ the fruit into Eve’s mouth. The Devil also didn’t pull or move Eve’s hand to give the fruit to Adam. The Devil only spoke.

However, because Eve associated, listened, and let the Devil’s word influenced her, another ‘desire’ rose in her heart. That’s the desire which led Eve to pick the fruit, ate it, and gave it to Adam – all without being forced to!

I realize that the aspect of desire highly determines a person’s decision-making. At the same time, the world offers so many desires (1 John 2:16). Holy Spirit explained to me that the Devil actually has no power to force or drag someone to decide things that grief the heart of God. The Devil only keep speaking and trying to influence us. It’s just like a salesman who keeps ‘promoting’ a product; the sinful, worldly, and human life.

Regardless of all, the power of decision-making is still in our hands. The reason why so many people are living in sin/worldliness/humanity, is because they have been successfully convinced by the Devil to take its offers. Man is made to desire the offers, before finally using their power of decision-making to live in worldliness and humanity.

When Holy Spirit revealed this, the spirit of the fear of the Lord grips my existence all the more. Bowing before God, I prayed, “Father, I open my heart fully to You. Search me, test my heart. I want to surrender all aspects of my desire to You! Holy Spirit, cleanse me, keep exposing the state of my heart, correct all my inaccuracies, until You find me longing nothing other than knowing You, loving You, and realizing the desires of Your heart!”

I am determined to keep filling my life with the word. I want to make sure that my spirit, my spiritual senses, and even my natural senses to always associate with the word alone! Let my life be increasingly influenced by the desires of God’s heart. And let my only desire is to delight His heart. Therefore, I will always use my decision-making power to keep walking in His ways!

I want to make sure that I die from the love of self (desires that are not according to God’s plan), while letting the love of God to keep growing in my life. For I know that when the kingdom of self is defeated, the Kingdom of Heaven will reign in my life!

3. When meditating about Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness, I realize that when I live in the word, the power of grace automatically activates in my life, making me enjoy a distinguished life from this world; a life full of breakthroughs and victories

Suddenly, I feel afraid about the temptation Jesus had in the wilderness. I’m afraid that I could fall into temptation, proving myself only to receive this world’s approval that I am a son of the King. However, Holy Spirit said to me, “Don’t fear, follow the example of Jesus, your eldest brother. You only need to walk in the same footsteps and take His yoke.” (Mat 11:29)

I realize that to stay guarded within God’s favor, I need this kind of life; death of flesh, denial of self, and taking up the cross. By taking the same yoke, I could start learning from Jesus. I could put on the same robe of humility He has. When I become more and more humble, I believe that I will be able to keep looking down at Jesus’ footsteps. By following them, I could walk in His ways until the end!

I believe that the straight path that God meant is the way of the cross. That’s the way He has prepared for me to reach the destiny He has set! When I live in the death of flesh, my prophetic journey won’t be rough or treacherous, for God Himself smooths and straightens the way for me (Is 26:7 TLB).

I believe when I keep denying myself and taking up my cross, I will be able to see His kingdom more and more and enter it! The glory of the kingdom and the beauty of the King will truly captivate my heart. He will make me more and more all-out; willing to die, to believe Him even when it doesn’t make sense, and to let everything go for Him and the fulfillment of His plans!

I am determined to persevere in the word passionately! I desire my life to be fruitful for His kingdom. I desire for the King to use my life as His weapon of righteousness to restore everything in this world! Let it be done in Jesus name! Amen! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus