April 10, 2019

One day, I got a dream from God, but I forgot the detail, only the point of the message attached my heart. The message is: God positioned me to become an ‘entrance’ for Him to manifest His sovereign power on earth.

Through that dream, I try to explore some chapters and verses in the Bible, and I learned these principles:

1. Church/believers are the only legal institution that God has in this world, that He could use to reveal God’s sovereign power. 

God is ‘bounded’ in the law that He made Himself. Since humans were created, He ‘couldn’t’ just do supernatural things on this earth without involving human that God has given power upon human (Genesis 1:26-28). He could use anyone, but He prefer using His church or His people that He has redeemed / He has chosen according to the covenant (Amos 3:1-3).

For those who have received redemption through Christ’s sacrifice and there is an intention from his heart to keep building an accurate life – that is in line to the Word (abandon wickedness) and keep on training themselves to freely interacted and partner with the work of the Holy Spirit in daily life – they are the most ideal agents of the kingdom that God will use to demonstrate the God’s sovereign power (2 Timothy 2:19-21).

So actually, for so long, God’s people usually lives under pressure or problems, it’s because God didn’t have any available man that He uses. That’s why, in Israelites case, when they were pressed by the Midianites, God must go to Gideon to revive the Word that has buried with many humanity in Gideon’s life and also changed his life so that God would have someone again that He could use to set Israel free (Judges 6).

In every generation, God’s solution in helping His people who needs the manifestation of God’s sovereign power, is by raising up His servants and partner with them – demonstrating His sovereignty through their daily lives (Hebrew 11)

2. It’s normal for His church/believer’s life to always be in touch and interact with His divinity, sovereignty and the glory of God.

Church or believers are called as part of Christ’s Body. Just as Christ lives in divinity, glory & sovereign power, the church/believers will automatically experience the same way!

The church or believers who ‘can’t’ experience or manifest the God’s divinity, sovereign power & glory are surely ‘living separated’ from Him. There are many carnal, flesh/humanity that keeps covering the church or believers’ lives! That’s why, Paul affirmed every believer to immediately renew their minds as soon as they repent/become a New Creation (Romans 12:1-3).

The reason why there are still many believers who failed to fully let go of their old man, and at the same time they put on the new man in their daily lives, it is because the nature of their minds has not changed (Ephesians 4:21-24). If only every believer is willing to devote themselves to retrain the nature of their minds, it would be easy for them to interact with God’s divinity, glory and God’s sovereign power (Romans 8:5, Galatians 5:16-26).

Church or believers are indeed designed to always interact with the Divine life from His Spirit and manifesting it to their daily lives (John 10:10). #ILoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus