April 12, 2019

This is the continuation of yesterday’s message.

2. Through church reformation, God will bring forth the fruit of the kingdom on this earth.

For so long church has become a ‘barren’ institution. It seems to grow in numbers all over the world but is filled by selfish, passive, religious, inaccurate people who still carry the world’s nature. There is no fruit of the kingdom manifested by the church of God on this earth (Matthew 13). But when God divinely reforms His church, something divine will begin to happen!

In their prophetic journey, all believers will begin to believe God even when it doesn’t make sense, willing to let go of everything for Him and willing to die from self for Him. They will focus on God and the fulfillment of His plan, so the system of the world can no longer influence their lives! Mammon that controls many people’s life, can no longer control believer’s life!

Believers who get involved in the church that has experienced reformation will be ‘all out for Jesus’. They will dedicate their entire lives and their future to the interests of the kingdom of heaven. They will have new spiritual position. They are no longer sinners or ordinary believer, but they are the sons of God! As the sons of God, they have a victorious position over the schemes of the devil, the evil system of this world, and not bound by the power of mammon!

For the first time, the church of God (believers) will enjoy and manifest victorious life, filled with divinity and glory of heaven, and carry a divine life (Zoe)!

a. God will focus on restoring His people’s heart.

The reformation process in a church is strongly influenced by the hearts of its people. If the majority of people in that church still have an inaccurate heart (always pursue the richest of the world, personal success or the power of mammon), then the reformation will be ‘stuck in the same place’ or move slowly.

This is the reason why God raises His servants who have given their lives to be transformed through the work of the word and the Spirit, so they can carry the pattern of heaven and God’s fingerprint. They become the pattern and pro for other believers. God will use them to restore His people’s hearts.

Matthew 6:21 (NET Bible) For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

The spiritual leaders will make the reality of God as their most valuable ‘treasure’ (Psalm 51:11, Exodus 33:16). Only by making the reality of God as ‘our treasure’ then we will never make mammon our master (Matthew 6: 19-24).

b.God will raise believers to shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father (Matthew 13:43).

The fruit of the kingdom that the church of God must produce is the resurrection of the righteous who fully give their lives to fulfill God’s eternal plan!

All this time, believers were busy looking for a decent life every day, but now their hearts have changed! Now they focus only to God and the fulfillment of His agenda! They make their daily activities, their jobs/professions a means to expand the kingdom of heaven on this earth!

When they know that their jobs/professions are not productive for the kingdom of heaven, they can immediately walk by faith to follow the guidance of the Spirit to step into ‘the field the Father has blessed (Genesis 27:27, Ephesians 2:10). Though them,

c. God will use His word to restore His people’s life and their identity.

Every time God’s word released from the throne room for His people, is to restore their life and their identity (John 1:12). The more they influenced and formed by the word, the more qualified their life to be the carrier of ‘divine life’ (John 10:10).

This world is crooked and dark because sin has entered through Adam and Eve’s disobedience. But when believers keep restoring their lives, they will have the capacity/ability to become ‘the carrier of divine life’. People who interact with them will also enjoy the divine life that imparted into their lives.

God is doing the movement of Reforming the Church, Reviving the Saints and Rebuilding cities and nations. So, Be part of that movement!

Ps. Steven Agustinus