April 16, 2020

While I was doing my activities suddenly the Holy Spirit said in my heart: “Money will fail !! (Genesis 47:16 – KJV). Do not set your hope & depend on money, live only from the voice of God!


Then the Holy Spirit explained, in the midst of the current and future global economic crisis, many people will feel ‘safe’ because of their savings.  Some people prepare a strategy by saving as much as possible in the present to anticipate a more severe crisis in the future.  That is done because of fear, worry, anxiety, and the belief that money would save him;  at least from hunger. The Holy Spirit said in my mind very firmly: Get rid of the concepts of thought and basic beliefs that set hope on money!  Do not put your hope and depend on it at all!  Don’t do that!


This morning I remembered Elijah’s life story.  When the drought struck the land of Israel, money was meaningless and very unreliable! But Elijah lived only from the voice of God! He lived in His unshakeable kingdom! The important role that keeps Elijah alive is God’s voice and his obedience, not money!  Even more, through Elijah, God saved the life of the widow of Zarephath and demonstrated the power of the resurrection at that time (it was an extraordinary miracle).  Furthermore, God’s agenda for turning Israel to worship the living God could be realized through Elijah’s life.  So his focus of life is to hear God’s voice and complete His will!


Then I asked God, do we no longer need money?  Very firmly He answered in my heart : NO !! DON’T EVER THINK THAT MONEY IS IMPORTANT !! This must be a crucial basis of belief. It sounds extreme, but that is indeed the attitude you must build. If you are not extreme and radical in living only by the voice of God and consider that is the fundamental factor, then you will also be ruined along with the severe economic crisis that will occur and the hardness of life.”


Then I asked, what should I do?  This is the answer of the Holy Spirit: “Keep sharpening all your spiritual senses, hear my voice and obey! Follow each of My directions! As I kept Elijah alive, I will also preserve your life! Even I will make you My representative so that through your life there will be many others experiencing the providence of God and bowing down to worship the living God!


Therefore, training to build our spiritual man is very important. That’s when we are trained to interact with various divine dimensions that sharpen us and trained in hearing God’s voice.  And at the same time, we train ourselves to express the work of the Spirit accurately!  So that the spirit of obedience can be built up completely and enable us to obey His words anytime in our daily lives!


At the end of my prayer, the Spirit emphasis firmly: “Never depend nor put your hope on money! Make My words and My voice above all things! Listen and obey! Never move and act because of fear and external shaking factors! If you do shake, it implies that you are not in the unshaken Kingdom! Move because you hear and see Me move and command you to move! You do live in this world, but you are not from this world! You are in this world but in truth, you live in an unshaken Kingdom! You are in this world to overcome the world by FAITH! Live only from My word !!!




Ps. Steven Agustinus