April 17, 2019

I believe when God is reforming His church, He brings every believer to have Zoe’s life abundantly. God destined the church to live in the power of the Spirit and Word, destroying every work of the carnal spirits and becomes God’s partner to open the way for the outpouring Spirit upon all people.

I believe, the movement of ‘Reforming the Church, Reviving the Saints and Rebuilding Cities & Nations’ which is God’s current focus, aims to bring restoration of all things to actualization. I believe, the congregation’s life that is healthy and in accordance to the divine pattern must be built, the Church should be restored first, then the nations will be restored!

1. God is pouring out the spirit of hunger and thirst upon us, He is also pouring out the work of Spirit & Word that purify His Church.

 I felt that the Holy Spirit is pouring out a stronger measure of thirst and hunger of God over His church. By pouring out the thirst and hunger of God, Father is bringing us to move from ‘bios’ life to ‘Zoe’ life. ‘Bios’ kind of life would always make us ‘trapped’ in the system, daily activities and all of pseudo things.

Even today, the Holy Spirit clearly revealed to me that I must be aware, when I declare the Word every hour, does my heart, mind and passion fully focus to the Word? Or do I declare the Word only for the sake of putting a tick on my ‘checklist’ of Bible reading schedule? ‘Zoe’ life would make a striking different! The work of the Word and Spirit could be so freely to work, because there is a PASSION!

I can feel how the Spirit & His Word are working intensively, making the love of God burning strongly in every believer’s lives, so that there is nothing that can make us think twice to live all out for God!

Because doing God’s will and realize His Heart has become our only destiny! Our love for God, for His House and His will, are controlling and stirring up every believer’s heart in this Church reformation moment! God is revealing Himself as a ‘refiner’s fire’ and ‘fullers’ soap’, with the purpose to clean us from various contaminations: love of the world, self and money!

I want to make sure that I will not ‘escape’ from the fire that is purifying myself, I will stay in this spiritual house, because I realize that the atmosphere in this house is a conducive atmosphere to bring me into the death of ‘I’ in myself! When I died to sin, I fully live only for God! I become the part of the ALL OUT generation for God!

2. God is recovering our identity as His children, who are living and connected accurately to the Father and keeps burning by the passion of love of Father!

We are not foreigners! Jesus is our eldest brother. I believe, Jesus’ life in this world is an example of a son who connected accurately to Heavenly Father. Today the Holy Spirit told me clearly, to live just like Jesus lived, as a child who is connected to the Father. Like a branch that keeps sticking to the true vine! (John 15:1-8)

Passion/the love of God/hunger and thirst of Him hold a very important role in the growth of ‘Zoe’ life in our lives. It is the passion that would ensure us to not just pray, but when we fellowship with God, we are ensuring that we touched Him! We have our personal revival because the touch and revelation of His word! When we are attached to the true vine, we surely get our portion. We will never be a ‘dry branch’ when we are attached, in fact, what would happen is the other way around, we will increasingly bear fruit! Our passion in pursuing God, devoting ourselves in prayer and daily devotion, walking this prophetic journey wholeheartedly and all-out are our natural expression because we are attached with Him!

God’s presence will be our most precious treasure! Even more valuable than the fulfillment of God’s promise! Today, God brought me to feel Moses’ heart when he declared that he would never go anywhere if it is not God Himself who accompanies them. Because what makes them distinguished from all nations is the reality of God who always accompanies them (Exodus 33:15-16). I feel the surge of dependence on God that is increasing in me, realizing that His presence and His favor are, indeed, the most precious treasure for me! 

Only in Him, life exists, which means, outside of Him, I could not live! Christ is enough for me! #ILoveGod

This message will still continue tomorrow.

Ps. Steven Agustinus