April 17, 2020

Since last night, my mind has been constantly being carried by the Spirit to contemplate the reality of the Word that should be experienced by His people. Physically, we are facing an era that full of uncertainties;  various turmoils in many aspects of life keep happening; anxiety, confusion, fear are spreading and infecting many people like epidemics of infectious diseases.  But in the midst of all sorrow and mourning, God still reveals Himself as a sovereign God and still in charge governing, controlling and deciding everything!  His people will never lack the best that He has prepared!


Isaiah 30:18 (NET) “For this reason the LORD is ready to show you mercy; he sits on his throne, ready to have compassion on you. Indeed, the LORD is a just God; all who wait for him in faith will be blessed.”


1. Heavenly Father has provided a portion of blessings to meet the daily needs of each of His children.

Matthew 6: 8 (NASB) “So do not be like them; for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.”


The first revelation of the Spirit we should experience is to recognize Him as a good Father.  The Spirit bears witness in our spirits that we are ‘children’ and He is our Father! As a good Father, God never leaves us, He is always with us and He has also provided the portion of blessings we need to meet our daily needs!


Consider the Israelites while they wandered in the wilderness;  they lived in disobedience but still, their Deliverer kept them alive divinely!  For 40 years Israel had been experiencing miracles!  They were nourished divinely by God!  Every morning there were always manna available.  For those who had large families, they were not lacking;  for those who had small family members, they also did not become excessive. All is fulfilled by God!


Especially for us, His people who have chosen to live in love with Him!  He will always intervene in our lives to meet all our needs!  Just make sure we continue to live in an accurate relationship and dependence on our heavenly Father then enjoy the reality of the portion of heaven that the Father has provided for you!


2. There is always divine protection for those who continue to live only by His Word.


The Word will always lead us to disconnect with the world system that is still inherent in our lives.  It’s not easy because the worldly pattern is already embedded in our minds – the center of the various considerations and decision-making that we have.


Consciously or not, even though we have accepted many of the principles and Truths of the Word, as long as aspects of our considerations and decision making are not ‘touched or influenced ‘ by the Truth or the Word, there will be no change in our daily lives; our lives are still bound by this world system!


For a simple example: The worldly system has been ‘indoctrinated’ us that without money, we would not be able to do anything;  it is already firmly planted in our minds – the center of our judgment and decision making.  So every time we face daily life situations, any decision we will always weigh based on what has been ‘planted there’ – without money, we can not ‘move’ freely.


And now, we accept a Word principle which states that we must not rely on money to continue life, we should only depend on the Word!  We already know this spiritual fact but if we don’t really ‘dismantle and rebuild’ our minds – as the center of our judgment and decision making-, then automatically all of our decisions will still refer to the ‘principles that have been planted there’.


There is no other way;  it takes unanimous determination, endeavor and earnest effort to replace the principles you have in mind with His Word!


For those who only live – weigh and make decisions only according to His Word, they will find there are many spectacular Word promises, which will happen effortlessly in their lives!


From the promise of divine providence, the promise of victorious blessings in all respects, promises of promotion and various breakthroughs in various aspects of life will continue to happen in the daily lives of His people!


3. There is always a consolation of love provided by the Father – which preserve His people from various emotional turmoils


Imagine if there are a thousand people fall at your left side and ten thousand just fall like that at your right hand, How do we feel about that?  At first, I thought, I would be so excited to see that.  But the more I think, the more I realize that it’s not the reality we will do.  Automatically we will feel shocked!  Our emotions can be shaken;  especially if it happens to people we know or love.  Immediately our emotions will feel like being torn apart.  But, if without our knowing, these people are living a hidden wicked life and now God is dealing with them (Psalm 91: 7-8), we need to have God’s touch of love that keeps us from negative emotions that may arise as a result of that situation.


The good news is, the Father always provides the consolation of His love for us so that even though we have to go through the ‘valley of darkness’, we will not be shaken by the various negative emotions during that seasons of life because God is with us.


Otherwise when God’s reality with us, divine joy and peace will reign over our lives.  That is what makes our lives different from others. In the midst of increasing darkness, even the slightest light, will always provide hope for those who interact with us. #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus


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