April 2, 2020

To build a foundation of belief that is in harmony with the Word – so as to enjoy life in the unshakable Kingdom’s reality – can not be done instantly. It is like someone who wants to strengthen his immune system by using herbal remedies – even though every sip of herbal medicine provides its own benefits for the body, it still takes perseverance and discipline to do it every day!


This is the time for the chosen people to actively and aggressively begin to build the foundation of their beliefs to be in harmony with the Word! Do it perseveringly and in self-discipline – have a sense of urgency in doing it, so that no more excuses to justify the remaining spiritual laziness!


Acts 2:42 (NKJV) “And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.”


The aspect of perseverance to go deeper into God’s work patterns and ways as done by the early church seems to have been abandoned by the present church. Whereas the aspect of “continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine”(the word ‘Doctrine’ – in the form of instructions on God’s work patterns and ways) had abled to shape the life of the early church to be able to overcome or triumph over various forms of persecution and turmoil.  (Acts 8: 1, 8: 4, Romans 8: 35-39).  Perseverance and discipline in meditating the Word are absolutely necessary for the churches to begin rebuilding the lifestyle they have.


Inevitably, whether we realize it or not, there is a built-up pattern in our lives;  and the problem is, it was built by this world!  There are many ideologies, opinions, information, perceptions as well as data and outward facts from this world have contributed to mold the church’s pattern of life. Consequently, without realizing it, this worldly pattern of life has become a ‘filter’ for the Word that comes in his life!  How many Words are we still ‘doubtful’ or do not believe in their validity because of ‘contradicting or opposing’ the worldly pattern of life that still remains?


For the simplest example, the principle of the word of forgiving the guilty – there are still many of the congregation who even know this principle but because the worldly pattern of life or worldly mindset still exists in them, consequently what they do is keep delaying’ to immediately release forgiveness.


God has promised to protect and cares about the lives of His chosen people (Psalm 91) but how many of them are still living in shackles of worry or fear ??


In short, there is no other choice to dismantle one’s lifestyle or mindset, it takes perseverance to keep on ‘rubbing’ – speaking and imagining the word until there are no more questions keep coming up on our minds that doubt or contradict the validity of the Word.  As a result, our minds can easily ‘see’ or imagine how the Word begins to be fulfilled in our lives.


When someone is still difficult to be able to ‘see’ or imagine how the Word be fulfilled in his life and becomes excited and convinced, that means the worldly pattern of life or mindset, still exists in his life.


Continue persevering to dismantle the worldly pattern of life or mindset and have a life that is easily convinced by the Word, easy to believe and move according to the Word that God gave. Experience the beauty of living in God’s world.  #ILoveGod


Ps.  Steven Agustinus


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