April 28, 2017

After going home from church yesterday, I suddenly saw something in the spirit. I saw a person being raised higher and higher from one position to another! The person’s movement was very monumental, like a breakthrough! I also saw and heard something breaking in the spiritual atmosphere when the person is rising across it. Then I heard the person shouting a shout of victory loudly!

Holy Spirit explained several things to me:

1. Spiritual breakthrough in a service is not a personal breakthrough, but one that is experienced by the Body of Christ

Because only the Body of Christ has the ability and power to break through and achieve victory in the spirit (Ephesians 1:19-23, Philippians 2:5-11).

2. The Body of Christ’s victory and breakthrough must not be used for personal interest/agenda

Take note! The victory and breakthrough achieved by the Body of Christ must not be exploited to pursue personal agenda and success, moreover to amass wealth in greed. All of them contradict the nature of Christ which lives only to fulfill the Father’s agenda.

3. A spiritual breakthrough will turn into a fleeting euphoria when those who experience it don’t live according to the divine pattern

The divine pattern set by the Holy Spirit is to be all-out for God! Without loving God with all our spirit, soul and strength, we will keep having many gaps in life. Those gaps are vulnerable to spiritual leak because they could be easily filled with the love of self, money and this world.

4. The work of the Word and Spirit that led us to our breakthrough is a base material that we should use as a weapon of war in our daily life

The enemy won’t stay silent once we decide to align ourselves with heaven’s agenda. It will wage war against us, and try to pull us out of the Body of Christ’s unity. If we stay silent, we will lose. What we should do is to use the work of the Word and Spirit as a weapon to subdue the enemy’s attacks. We must diligently speak His word!

5. A breakthrough in the spirit will surely create something in the natural – use it to advance the ministry of the Body of Christ

A breakthrough in the spirit could result in various things, such as promotion, added skills, financial breakthrough, and many more. However, whatever we receive in the natural must be used for the advancement of the Body of Christ’s ministry. Because all those potential are not ours, but God’s!

6. After a breakthrough, our personal responsibility is to make sure that the work of the Word and Spirit becomes deeper and deeper in our life

Declare the word we experience at the service. Study the verses we receive; meditate upon it, read the verses again, write down the understanding we receive, use it as our portion of faith and standard of daily living. In this manner, our mind will be increasingly aligned with the mind of Christ.

When the congregation takes their personal responsibilities well, and they re-unite in a service, corporate anointing will be created. The service will no longer become a mere gathering – it will become an encounter with the King in Zion in His holy mountain. There, we will rule as kings on earth using our mouth. Whatever we speak will produce impact on earth right away.

7. A spiritual breakthrough will always trigger a deep thirst towards God

It will make us keep desiring an encounter with God. This is the attitude that will allow us to reach our next breakthrough. In every breakthrough, we will become perfected and equipped more and more to finish God’s will!

8. I believe God has provided one spiritual breakthrough after another

Our part is only to guard our heart to stay inclined towards God and His truth. With it, we could resolvedly reject whatever this world offers, which will only take us out from our spiritual house. Therefore, our position will stay accurate to experience God more and more! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus