April 30, 2017

Not every pressure we feel in life comes from demonic spirits; the Devil has the opportunity to pressure a person’s life when they have a gap (an inaccuracy) that could be exploited.

God also ‘pressures’ the His servants to reshape their lives according to what He has planned. Because everyone’s daily life have been molded according to a pattern. Although we have been born again, we often still carry the pattern of this world in our lives (Eph 4:17-19). That’s why, before God starts to use our lives as His servants, He must firstly ‘dismantle’ our old life pattern that have been built so far! God will do this using His word and Spirit.

1. Word revelation aims to enable someone to go through their molding process

When God reveals His word to His servants, He is sowing kingdom seed. That seed will activate the power of grace which will enable them to go through the molding process that they have to go through. In the end, they will become a different person – a new man – because they have adopted a new life.

When the seed of the word is sown, we must quickly bring them to prayer. Imagine how the word is fully built/molded in our daily life. While imagining it, keep praying in tongues and declare every inspirational words we receive. Do this until we could feel a surge of enthusiasm in our hearts. The greater the surge, the closer God is bringing us to the realization of that word.

2. Actively seek for Bible verses that support and deepen our understanding of the word that God has revealed to us

Actively and diligently doing this is akin to giving food and nutrition to the word that God has planted in us. The seed of the word will grow like a spiritual embryo in us; we are pregnant with His word, ready to give birth to a divine life in our daily living.

Bring the verses we found in prayer. Imagine the realization of the word in our daily lives again. Make sure that we could start to see every word we receive as our new self in Christ!

The more we persevere in the meditation of the word and prayer, the more our heart quality increases. Our heart will also increasingly incline towards delighting the Father’s heart.

Make sure that we start to notice the rise of various urges from our heart (1 John 2:27). Follow each and every of those urges although it may make us ‘uncomfortable’ at times – God is taking us out from our comfort zone that has ‘shackled’ our lives so far.

Holy Spirit often gives the following urges:

a. To build a new life habit

Usually we waste much of our time to browse the social media, but Holy Spirit could stir discomfort in our heart, and that discomfort could only be lifted when we spend our time wisely to read the Bible or pray.

b. To start using our time to only do beneficial & constructive things

If so far we waste our time in fruitless activities, Holy Spirit will start to make us feel empty or uncomfortable. We will keep feeling it until we follow the urge of the Spirit to fill our time with beneficial and constructive things. Ask the Holy Spirit to help us in finding constructive and beneficial things to do in life.

c. To start selecting our peers and communities

Whether we want it or not, our peers have a major role in the process of our spiritual growth.

Holy Spirit will start to make us feel uncomfortable in our interaction with them; when hearing their chatter, when observing their habits and life values. He will put a certain truth in our hearts, and push us to speak it to them. If our friends receive our word, it means that our life starts to function as salt to them. If they reject our word, usually we will slowly but surely become ‘removed’ from their circle – God’s hand cuts off our connection with our friends.

God wants to keep ‘pressing His fingerprint’ onto our lives, so that one day, when many people are interacting with us, they could find the manifestation of His godliness within us. #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus