April 7, 2019

This is the continuation of yesterday’s message.

3. God will bring us to focus on Him alone and to release our chain of dependence upon our own selves.

When God encountered Gideon, He called him as a “valiant warrior” (Judges 6:12). God also emphasized that He is with Gideon, and He is the one who sent him (Judges 6:12, 6:14 & 6:16).

The purpose of our identity’s restoration in Christ is not to make us ‘feel able’, although it’s true that many new, superior abilities will suddenly arise from our lives. The aim of our identity’s restoration is to make us increasingly focused and dependent upon Him alone!

Every time we receive the revelation of our new identity in Christ, we will experience a ‘clash of understanding’. Gideon refuted the word statement he received by speaking about the reality of Israel’s oppression under the Midianites. Even Gideon stated that God has truly abandoned Israel (Judges 6:13)!

Regardless of the terrible reality we face, learn to receive and believe the divine reality that comes from His word. When God brings to life His word and promises to us, it means that He has chosen us to be His working partner. Together with us, He wants to turn around every bad condition that is still visible before our eyes! Now, the time of transformation is no longer decided by God, but by our response and openness to be dismantled and rebuilt!

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you turn your life focus to Him; to the grace He has provided for you; to the reality of God’s presence that is with you which causes everything you do to prosper!

The shaping of this world’s pattern will always bring us to focus on all our weaknesses and limitations; to the failures we’ve had; to all the bad situations, facts and reality which frustrate us. That’s why in reforming our lives, one of God’s main priority is to re-set our life’s focus to Him alone; to the reality of His presence, and to the grace that He has truly provided for us! That’s why it’s crucial for us to keep interacting with the word intensely and to actively declare the word! The word must function like a refiner’s fire or a hammer that shatters the hardness of a man’s heart (Mal 3:2-3, Jer 23:29).

Keep conditioning ourselves to experience the work of the word and Spirit – the more often and the more intense, the better! This is the reason why I keep pushing every member of Breakthrough City Church (BCC) and the extended Steven and Sons (SnS) family to always speak, declare, and prophesy the word into their lives every hour! So the focus of our life could be re-set; directed only towards Him and the grace that He has provided for us!

Our portion of faith will automatically stay guarded and even grow when we keep seeing and believing in WHAT HE COULD AND WILL DO THROUGH US.

The reality of God being with us will distinguish our everyday life and make us the favored ones of the Lord compared to everyone else on this earth. #iLoveGod

This message will still be continued tomorrow.

Ps. Steven Agustinus