April 9, 2020

This message is a continuation of yesterday’s message.


From yesterday’s message, we find how God wants the Church to change the spiritual frequency that has been transmitted;  from merely preaching about success and blessing or wealth, to a life of faith, denying yourself-take your cross, emptying yourself from various forms of selfishness and dedicating life for God and the fulfillment of His plan!


1. Leaders or preachers must begin to change the frequency of preaching or teaching that they have been carrying in the church, replaced with the frequency of God’s voice!


2. God is raising one of His servants to blow the trumpet and mobilize the soldiers and heroes of the faith.


I see in the spirit, how that man who is appointed by God experiences the work of the Word and the Spirit that moved him to call the spiritual warriors, the heroes of faith that are the righteous people who have experienced or been involved in large movements in the past and keep longing for the greater revival at this time, in order to have the same heart and to synergize in response to what is on the agenda of God’s work!


Before God pours ‘new wine’, He first wants us to provide new wineskins! The past movement prepared a stage or stepping stone to be used to bring the latest movement up!


The movement that God will reveal in the future, is not the same as the past movement;  but it always contains elements from the past movements!  For example, if there had been a past spiritual movement on living by faith, in holiness or healing and miracles and so on, in future movements, God would use those past revelations of the truth as a milestone or stepping stone to what he will do in the future!


Unless God’s servants or righteous people willing to ‘baptize themselves’ in ‘the latest revelation’ and start reviewing all the past revelations they have received from the perspective of ‘recent truth’, they will never be able to be mobilized and synergized in His truth and Spirit to complete the Kingdom’s agenda as one Body!


If God has chosen and appointed one of His servants to be used to blow the trumpets and mobilize the warriors and heroes, let us join in supporting that servant of God.  As in His sovereignty, He chose Gideon to free Israel from the pressure of the Midianites (Judges 6) and not another young man who was braver than him.  Let us wholeheartedly give our support to that person!  When we merge ourselves to move together with people who are chosen by God, we are actually uniting ourselves in a Divine movement.


The Bible asserts:

2 Timothy 2: 19-21 (NET) “However, God’s solid foundation remains standing, bearing this seal: “ The Lord knows those who are his,” and “Everyone who confesses the name of the Lord must turn away from evil.” Now in a wealthy home there are not only gold and silver vessels, but also ones made of wood and of clay, and some are for honorable use, but others for ignoble use. So if someone cleanses himself of such behavior, he will be a vessel for honorable use, set apart, useful for the Master, prepared for every good work.”


As we continue to ‘turn away from iniquity’ – willing to empty ourselves and throw away human ambitions so that there will be no more competition or fighting over positions and ranks in the Body of Christ;  automatically, the Spirit will bring us all to occupy the position that God has set aside for us so that synergy, unity will be automatically built up by itself;  all can be realized in His divinity!  All are brought by God to be His representatives on earth!  #ILoveGod


This new message will end tomorrow.


Ps. Steven Agustinus


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