August 08, 2019

Once, I raised a question to God:

“God, why are there still many believers in this world who go through the same things that the people of this world experience? Even it’s not seldom for me to see believers experiencing defeat, such as work stress, financial collapse, broken family relations, etc. Why God?”


Then, Holy Spirit gave me an understanding that God never wanted us to receive any ‘disaster’. For His plans for us are plans of welfare to give us a hopeful future (Jer 29:11). However, at the same time, God never forces us. He doesn’t want us to live in His ways out of force. He loves us perfectly, and He wants us to love Him back willingly. That’s why He jealously places His Spirit within us (Jam 4:5).


Holy Spirit brought me to realize this. When we keep using our own strength and always ask God to understand our circumstances, we are actually closing ourselves from Him. That’s an attitude of limiting God. Without knowing, we think that the condition is difficult; so difficult as if God couldn’t help us. Meanwhile, He is the sovereign and all-powerful God! Without God, we are nobodies! Without His word, we could not live (Ps 119:92)!


I realize that when I keep relying on the “Bios” life, I’m akin to the flower of grass, which will quickly wither and die (1 Pet 1:24). I realize that I must keep growing the life of “Zoe” – a life that is divine in nature, which I received from the Father when I was born again (1 Pet 1:23).


Truly, whenever we face problems because of our own inaccuracy, He desires to help us so much. Through Holy Spirit and His servants, God releases His word to us, trying to open our eyes again so we could repent and return to Him. He wants us to live victoriously once more!


Holy Spirit opened to me about the many moments in our life when we are cornered. Truly, at that moment, the Father is looking forward for us to come to His throne of grace. Because there, we can find His unlimited mercy and grace!


Sadly, many people become busy with their own problems and ‘self’. They try all kinds of human things (not divine) to finish the problems they are facing. This is the reason why believers still face defeat and depressing situations. Because they don’t give room for God to help them. Because their convictions haven’t been molded according to the word.


Meanwhile, God moves because of faith (Luk 18:8). And those who profess to believe Jesus must live by faith (Rm 1:17, Hab 2:4).


I realize that I must keep being renewed in my mind, until I no longer believe on worldly principles contrary to the knowledge of God. I am determined to keep persevering in the word, and to be renewed in my mind by the work of His word and Spirit, until my convictions are made of God’s divine principles alone.


I believe, when my faith/belief is built upon my conviction on God’s word, that’s the moment I have faith to overcome the world (1 John 5:4). I am thankful that the Father has given me the Holy Spirit in life. Because He keeps influencing and helping me to open my heart, so I can walk in His ways joyfully and willingly. For truly, I am His.


By His grace, He makes every ‘mess’ in my life into a ‘message’. I believe this will happen when I open my heart, follow His Spirit’s guidance, and ‘allowing’ His hand to take over my life. Every inaccuracy in my life will be shut – the enemy could not find the opening/‘legality’ to destroy my life anymore! Therefore, what was messy in my life will turn into a divine message through the transforming work of the word and Spirit. Praise the Lord, how great is your lovingkindness!


In all situations, I want to entrust my life to Him, and not rely on my own understanding. In all things, I want to rely on Him by following His guidance (Prov 3:5-6)! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus