August 10, 2019

This is one of the most important phases in life: when God brings us under the leadership of a leader. This can come in the form of Eli’s authority over Samuel, Saul over David, or Joseph and Mary over Jesus. They teach us that the phase of submission below a person is a divine phase that God has planned. Before God brings us to fulfill His plan that He has prepared before the foundation of this world, He will surely teach us on how we must have an accurate attitude towards our leader.


The problem is, many people want to live this life between them and God alone. When God puts someone above them, they start to rebel. Meanwhile, this phase is crucial. If we ‘fail’ in this phase, God’s plan in our lives will never be fulfilled. Even if we have the greatest potential, insight, and capacity, our decision to ‘rebel’ against the authority will cancel God’s plan in our own lives.


I find that Samuel, David, and Jesus successfully passed this phase with an accurate heart attitude.


When Samuel saw the evil deeds done in God’s house by the sons of Priest Eli, Samuel still honored Priest Eli without lowering his level of respect whatsoever. Even Samuel’s heart attitude stays guarded when God’s voice has come upon him and revealed that He will bring judgment upon Priest Eli and his family. Samuel didn’t underestimate his leader at all.


I believe that’s the heart attitude we must guard when we are under an inaccurate leader like Priest Eli.


When David was under the leadership of Saul, David didn’t avenge Saul’s blatant intention to kill him. David avoided conflict and battle with Saul. Although David is a master of war, it didn’t make him carry out evil and discredit Saul. His heart stayed sincere and holy in seeing Saul as someone who has been anointed by the Lord.


We must take example of David’s heart attitude. God sees the nature of David’s heart attitude, and that’s the reason God is so close to him. Because David’s heart is so sincere! That’s why God lifted him to be king over Israel, so He could bring down the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven!


When Jesus was 12 and He was in the temple, He obeyed Joseph and Mary. Although Jesus is God, it’s not a reason for Him to disobey Joseph and Mary. Meaning, Jesus’ has the willing heart attitude to stay under the leadership of a natural leader – this is a pattern that God has set. Jesus is the Son of God, but He stayed humble as a man! That’s why the Father lifted Him high above all names that can be named.


Now I realize more and more that God has given us Jesus, David, and Samuel as examples, so we can adopt their pattern and heart attitude. However great the potential and God’s plan in our lives, if we fail in this phase, His plan will never be fulfilled! Because all children of God on earth must have an accurate pattern in this aspect.


If we go through the same path, God will lift us into our peak potential – we can create impact that lasts until eternity! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus