August 11, 2019

When meditating the word in Habakkuk 3:17-18, I find that Habakkuk’s response in facing negative facts and data isn’t something commonly found in this world. I received the understanding that the ‘treasure’ in Habakkuk’s life is not material success or riches. Habakkuk emphasized that he exults and rejoices in the Lord, the source of his life and salvation (Hab 3:18).


Something similar happened to the Hebrews church when they firstly know about Christ. They went through days of terrible persecution; they were vilified and beaten, yet, they stay strong and faithful to God. The interesting thing I read about the Hebrews is, when their belongings were robbed, they responded in joy, because they realize that no one can touch their true treasure. They know for sure that their true treasure is in heaven. The Hebrews experienced many negative things, but none of them made them step back. They went through everything in joy; they stayed in their belief and faithfulness to God (Heb 10:33-34).


I evaluate myself once again. So far, is my joy still affected by the external things around me?


I feel that Holy Spirit is pouring the heart that loves Him more and more into my life. He’s making me realize that the only true treasure in my life is God Himself! He is my only source of joy! I believe, Holy Spirit is working in believers’ lives these days. He is liberating us from all kinds of attachments with this world, until nothing in this world could steal our joy anymore! 


Therefore, I pray, let Holy Spirit help us to align our heart attitude and desires. Until all we want is to know Him and the power of His resurrection!


This is what I found when pondering on the cause of negative emotions in the life of man. We have been ‘trained’ to such an extent, that we have a reflex of negative emotions when facing negative facts and data. The world has molded man to live based on what can be touched and seen. Meanwhile, God’s word reveals that many of the tangible things (including problems) are temporary, but the things we couldn’t see through our natural eyes (the joy to come) is eternal (2 Cor 4:18).


This world is living based on the ‘bios’ life; things which look real, but are actually simulated (fake) and temporal. But God has planted the life of ‘zoe’ within us; the true life that’s sourced from His word and Spirit. And God has provided that divine life for us – all we need to do is decide to enter His world! And to enter His world, we must train our mind to stay focused on things that are true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, of good repute; things that are excellent, worthy of praise, and causes us to give thanks (Philippians 4:8-9).


I find that we can train/condition our mind to see everything from the divine perspective. We will inherit the mind of Christ more and more through the knowledge of God, the work of God’s word and Spirit, and our heart determination to persevere in meditating His word.


The more we associate with the Holy Spirit and God’s word, the more we will ‘adopt’ His ways of thinking, perspective, reasoning, and assessment. As a result, everything that happens in and around our lives will align more and more with the mind of Christ; they will become increasingly divine.


In the past we’ve been so ‘trained’ to have a reflex of negative emotions when facing negative facts and data. But now, let’s cooperate with the Holy Spirit to re-train ourselves. Until our reflex is to show divine emotions when facing negative facts and data!


Because I believe that there is no sorrow in God! He is the sovereign God, the King of all kings. It means everything that happens in this world is within His control, and He has the highest authority to determine everything! At the same time, He is a faithful God. He never gives up when we still fail to delight His heart – He will always stay with us! And He is also a good Father who loves us. He makes sure that everything that happens in this world will work together for our good, His children!


By knowing Him as the sovereign God, faithful Lord, and good Father, there is no reason for us to feel any sorrow! So, whatever we face, both positive and negative, our most accurate response as His children is to rejoice, give thanks, and praise Him! Because we know for sure that everything works together for good for us who loves Him and are called to do His plan (Rm 8:28).


Let’s train our perspective and emotions to be more and more divine! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus