August 12, 2018

This is the writing of my spiritual son which will deeply bless us.

One time, I prayed about the aspect of anxiety and fear that often intimidates our life. I was brought to see an illustration in my imagination. In one of the frame, I saw many fishes swimming so freely, and in the other frame, many birds are flying so freely.

I kept opening the eyes of my imagination and prayed in the Spirit. Then I received several explanations as follow:

1. Fear and anxiety emerge because we are outside of our God-given habitat

The illustration of fishes swimming freely and birds flying freely pictures those who are living in their God-given habitat. Just by being in their habitat, fishes don’t need to worry, and birds don’t need to fear.

Psalms 92:12-13 (NASB) The righteous man will flourish like the palm tree, he will grow like a cedar in Lebanon. Planted in the house of the Lord, they will flourish in the courts of our God.

Psalms 92 clearly revealed that the righteous must firstly be planted in the house of the Lord before finally flourishing.

In another translation, the verses illustrate the righteous as trees that are moved to the garden of God and are under God’s own care.

To be planted in our God-given habitat is a must when we want to overcome every fear and anxiety that crosses our mind. We must honestly admit that we often find it difficult to reject the spirit of fear and anxiety when it emerge in our mind.

It’s true that through declaration, we could drive away the spirit of fear and anxiety. However, they could shortly return through incidents and facts that we go through. This doesn’t mean that our declaration fails, but it happens because we fail to stay within God’s habitat all the time. The spirit of fear and anxiety could find a gap to sneak back into our lives.

There is a principle that applies universally: as long as there is light, darkness will never manifest. Therefore, it becomes crucial for each one of us to live and stay in His light. That is the habitat God has set for us!

Through our declarations, we are connecting ourselves to the habitat that God has set for us. By being planted in our God-given habitat, we are completely uprooting the spirit of fear and anxiety. At the same time, we are building a strong foundation for our lives; His living word.

In other words, prayer and declaration to uproot the spirit of fear and anxiety is a technical act we must do. Fundamentally, however, we must be planted in the habitat that God has set for us.

Just like the fish that doesn’t worry when underwater, and the bird that doesn’t fear when in the air, we no longer fear nor worry because we stay within the reality of the Father’s presence.

In my expanding imagination, I was brought to see the life of a frog. This is the animal that could live in two habitats; water and land.

True, frogs could stay for a prolonged period of time in both habitats. However, Holy Spirit emphasized to me. Frogs could only flourish when they live in water. On land, frogs become prey.

From this, I increasingly learn that when we stay outside our God-given habitat, we will become the easiest food for the world, Babylon system, sin, death, devil, and their allies.

2. Fear and anxiety could emerge when we depart from God’s design and destination

No one is born in this world without bearing God’s plan. The case is, many of us don’t realize because we don’t ask, seek or knock for it (Mat 7:7). Everyone who earnestly look for their God-given destiny will surely find it.

Fish will surely become anxious and fearful if it must fly, and the same goes for birds if it must swim. God designed fish to swim; when the fish learn to fly, it will depart from its original goal.

Every event that misses God’s design will unknowingly make our hearts susceptible, attracting the spirit of fear and anxiety to enter. And the main cause of somebody missing their God-given design is their heart attitude.

Heart attitude has a role vital. Once, I imagined a fish swimming to the surface, its eyes observing a bird flying near the water’s surface. Then the fish thought about how nice it is to be a bird, able to fly here and there. The fish could even add a good motivation by saying that it will become much more useful for the Kingdom of Heaven if it could swim and fly.

Without knowing, the fish has departed from its God-given design. The fish has been allured by another ‘offer’. Its heart attitude has become crooked, using motivations that seem to be of God, but are aimed to cover its heart desires. Such crooked heart attitude has dragged the fish out of the track and timeframe that God has designed for it.

Without realizing, our heart’s craftiness will make us miss God’s plan when it is not dealt with. Our crooked heart attitude will even force us to stop from God’s timeframe for a time. God will have to test certain things in our life until He finds us worthy again. In this case, we have to be reshaped, delaying God’s timeframe in the process.

Truly, God has designed every step in our life journey. God has created each one of our steps according to the goal/destination He has set for us. God’s heart desire is for us to follow every direction to walk accurately in those steps. And it is God’s promise to be with us and to guide us.

Walk obediently and accurately according to God’s plan. As long as we do so, the spirit of fear and anxiety will never have the chance to work in our journey. Because truly, God always promises an open heaven above those who walk in His plans.

By always making sure that we live in our design and habitat, it is impossible for the spirit of fear and anxiety to be re-activated in our lives.

Once again, I received an illustration. God has given us a pair of leg that functions normally. However, we are the ones who move our legs. True, our legs are functioning as it should be, but it is our choice to make them move.

Using the same principle, God has designed our habitat and planned our way of life. Next, it is our decision which determines whether His habitat and plans will activate in our lives or not. Therefore, make sure that our decisions are in line with the Father’s heart desires. #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus