August 12, 2019

God wants each one of us to live as His righteous people; and the righteous shall live by faith. I realize that the ability to trust God is His gift (Eph 2:8). However, the decision to entrust ourselves to the Lord is within our hands.


As a believer, I have the responsibility to make sure that the things I believe (my convictions) are only His word. Because His word is the truth, and it will remain forever. I want to make sure that I build my faith solidly on God’s word, and according to the portion of faith that He has given in my life (Rm 12:3).Realizing that faith comes from hearing the word, I want to keep equipping myself by enriching my arsenal of God’s word (Rm 10:17).


Once again, Holy Spirit reminds me to keep building during times of peace. Therefore, when the storm of challenges come, I already have a solid ground to stand strong upon. I’m unshakable, and I won’t find it hard to believe and hold firmly onto His word.


I’m determined to sincerely give weight to every Biblical direction I receive. I do this by disciplining myself to build my inner man, and meditating the word completely every day (read, imagine, declare, write down, and internalize the word)!


I train my mind to always be influenced by God’s word. I post Bible verses around the location of my daily activities to help me meditate the word. I give myself to the Holy Spirit to be trained; He conditions my natural and spiritual senses to work together, bringing me to grow in the knowledge of God and to live by faith!


I desire for my life to be filled by the work of His word and Spirit; full of the reality and splendor of God’s presence. Therefore, when I’m faced with negative facts and data, I won’t become weak or show negative emotions. As His son, I will keep rejoicing, because I know that whoever entrusts themselves to the Lord will never be put to shame (Rm 9:33, 10:11)! I know for sure that He is real; and He is not only ABLE, but He’s also WILLING to help me (Heb 11:6)!


I believe God is raising up His church to manifest a different response compared to this world. We will never release our trust from God, and our faith will be expressed through our actions – we PERSEVERE in doing His will (Jam 2:22, Heb 10:35-36). Holy Spirit gives us the ability to do His will all the time!


By His grace, our life of faith will keep growing. His grace will enable us to stay joyful in hope although we’re facing negative circumstances. Because we know that we are putting our hope in the Lord who is able and willing to help us! We will persevere in prayer, because we know that Father listens to our prayers, and because our prayers are powerful (Prov 15:29, Jam 5:16)! We will always give thanks in everything, because we are continuously surrounded by the awareness of God’s reality and faithfulness in our lives (1 Thes 5:16-18, Rom 12:12, Eph 6:18, Col 4:2)!


Let it be done in Jesus name, amen! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus