August 13, 2018

These days, Holy Spirit keeps pushing me to devote myself in the apostles’ teaching. Every day, I spend time to listen again to the sermons of my apostolic father (spiritual father). From the repetition, I found out that I haven’t understood many words and sentences when listening to the word in person. I could only understand them when I listened again to the recording.

Here, I found the importance of devoting ourselves in the apostles’ teaching:

1. Without listening to the word while being intent to understand and do it, all our meetings are merely religious activities

Our heart must incline towards the truth, and our heart attitude must thirst and hunger of God’s reality. Without them, we could never understand every word that is being delivered. In the end, our Christianity will stop at being mere formality and religiosity(Mat 13:19).

2. Without understanding, our obedience will be based on “temporary emotions” alone

It shows that the word hasn’t rooted. When trials and challenges come, we easily fall back from our obedience. In essence, our obedience becomes inconsistent! We will easily blame the circumstances when we see that our obedience results in things we don’t hope for, such as conflict with others and unrealized personal ambitions/desires (Mat 13:20-21). In the end, we rebel and take a heart attitude that opposes His word.

3. Without receiving the same understanding that our spiritual father received, every word being delivered will only expose our heart’s condition which still loves self, money and this world

The word may seem to root and grow. However, the time will come when the fruits of our life is different to every word principle that has been sown. This is due to our heart attitude that still loves “wealth”. It brings us to create our own definition of every word principle being delivered (Proverbs 13:22). It gives way to the rise of other “ways of life” that seem “similar” to the word principle, but they take us out from God’s plan instead (Proverbs 16:25).

4. It is very important for us to repeatedly listen, read, and dig deeply the teachings of a spiritual father that carries divine pattern, and do them all in perseverance

For without perseverance, there will be no understanding! We cannot receive understanding instantly; we could only receive it through devoting ourselves in the apostles’ teaching.

Stop thinking that we could receive understanding in an instant! We may understand right away when we are praying, listening to a sermon, or while doing our activities because the Father in heaven gives us understanding directly. However, it could happen because we firstly have a heart that perseveres in pursuing God, studying the word and fixing our mind on the things of the Spirit. So, it’s still not instant!

5. Ask His Holy Spirit to give us the spirit of hunger and thirst of His reality and word, together with the spirit of perseverance!

And be fully determined to listen again and dig deeply (Luk 6:48) the teachings of our spiritual father. Because this is the only way(John 8:15) to make our life bear lush fruits (to give impact and to govern), strong, and unshakable by anything. #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus