August 14, 2019

Today, when I surrender and dedicate all my life and being once again unto the Lord, Holy Spirit brought me to realize that I belong to Him; I am dead to sin, and now I live for God alone (Rm 6:11)! I am supposed to give all my life to function as a weapon of righteousness in His hand (Rm 6:13). Every aspect of my life should function as a weapon of righteousness, including my aspect of desire.


Oftentimes, a man’s desire hinders him from living for God alone. However, God’s word in Galatians 5:24 states that, “now those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.” (NASB)


Since the fall, man’s aspect of desire functions as a weapon of iniquity – misleading man from the ways of God. However, our desire will become a weapon of righteousness when we surrender it to the Lord. True, we can’t live favorably before God by our own strength – even to simply desire things which please Him can’t be done out of our own strength.


However, I am grateful for God’s own desire; He has created us by the word of truth, and gives us the desire and ability to do things pleasing to His heart (James 1:18, Philippians2:13)! When reading and meditating on this word, my spirit was so stirred – I receive this spiritual truth, and I build it into my conviction!


Romans 8:6 (NASB) For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace


Fleshly desires will always bring us to experience death in various levels; starting from sadness, anxiety, inner conflict, sorrow, suffering, sicknesses, and even physical death. This world and everything it desires is passing away towards destruction. But if our desire is filled with the desires of the Spirit leading to the will of God, we will live in His unshakable kingdom (1 John 2:17)!


I realize that the answer to all our problems is to guard our heart that loves the Lord. The problem is, many people confess that they love God, but at the same time, they still love this world, themselves, and money. Because in principle, we can’t serve two masters! As long as the love of this world, self, and money still exists, it means we are not in love with God (1John 2:15-16, Mat 6:24).


That’s why, I’m determined to guard the love of God in my heart, and grow it until God is THE ONLY ONE whom I desire. I won’t only prioritize God and make Him my number one, but I’ll make Him THE ONLY ONE, and nothing else!


Holy Spirit led me to learn much from Psalms 73, which was written by Asaph. Psalms 73 shows how Asaph made God the only One he desires. Asaph started his psalm by telling how he desired the many things owned by the wicked (Ps 73:3-12); he even felt that he has surrendered his life to God in vain because of the fortune enjoyed by the wicked (Ps 73:13-14).However, when Asaph positioned himself to stay close to the Lord (Ps 73:23), he found that any other desire other than God will only lead to destruction.


In Asaph’s ignorance and bitterness, he stayed close to the Lord. Then, God took his hand and guided him, continuously giving Asaph advice through the work of His Word and Spirit. God carried Asaph to enter His glory. In the end, Asaph understood that the only true treasure is God Himself. Even Asaph stated that there is nothing else he wanted in this world; only God! Asaph didn’t care about the condition he experienced (the facts and data); all he desires is the Lord (Ps 73:25-26)!


From Psalms 73, once again I truly realize that God is the most precious treasure in my life! And so I pray, let the work of His Word and Spirit continuously mold our heart and being, until we desire nothing else but to know Him and to fulfill His heart desires! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus