August 15, 2018

This is one of the greatest barriers for most believers to connect with the reality of the kingdom: finding ‘someone who comes from a high place’ (John 3:3), then positioning themselves under that person’s leadership.

As church members, we have too many bad experiences with manipulative leaders. This past trauma makes it difficult for God’s people to truly experience and connect with kingdom reality. Many church members keep ‘making distance’ with leaders who are connected to heaven. As a result, they lose the chance to experience heaven’s reality on earth – in their daily life!

Heaven’s reality in a leader’s life could be ‘transmitted’ into others through relationship. How far we receive the leader and how far we want to regard them as someone special will determine how far the kingdom reality in their life could be imparted into our lives (Heb 13:7-8, 17).

This works just like a current of electricity that needs a conductor. The greater the current, the bigger the conductor mass that is needed. The same goes for receiving a life impartation from ‘someone who comes from a high place’ (a servant of God whose life aspects have been reformed by the word and Spirit). How strong we build the power of covenant (being open in building relationship and communication with the servant of God) will determine how strong the impartation will be.

Permanent impartation always needs accurate connectivity. Without being accurately connected, we will never have a life that could contain that impartation of power.

So, there is no other alternative. If we truly desire to experience the reality of the kingdom, we must quickly and completely overcome all trauma we have with manipulative leaders.

Ask Holy Spirit to lead us to a leader who truly loves the truth, pursues God’s reality and lives from His word alone.

When we meet with the ‘person who comes from a high place’, give ourself under their guidance. Adopt their mindset, convictions, heart attitude and lifestyle. Then, we will start to see the reality of God’s kingdom becoming real in our everyday life. #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus