August 15, 2019

This morning, I felt the Holy Spirit speaking in my heart:

“Stay focused on what God is saying. Because your identity is in Him. Hold onto it and don’t let go. Because the word will stir passion within your life. Through the word, I will keep revealing your function and involvement in My eternal agenda to bring in the Kingdom of Heaven and the restoration of all things on earth. Build your life towards My word. Let that word make you enthusiastic, energic, and full of passion every day. Don’t get distracted by whoever and whatever! Focus! By staying focused, you’ll experience the reality of My presence becoming more and more real.”


Realize this principle:

God will move on earth through the ‘faith of believers’. Meaning, the reality of His presence will always stay with you as long as ‘His word’ is in your heart.


Remember Gideon. God came to him not because he is the bravest and strongest Israelite to lead the nation against Midian. The reason God chose Gideon is because he ‘hold fast onto His word’. Gideon truly believed that God is an awesome God, and He is able to deliver Israel from oppressing nations! Gideon truly believed that the Lord, the God of Israel, never changes, yesterday, today, and forever. The way God led Israel out of Egypt by His might, Gideon believed that He will also deliver Israel from the Midianites!


Gideon’s understanding and faith is the reason why he experienced the reality of God’s presence so tangibly. God used Gideon’s life ‘all-out’, exceeding human strategy and war tactics. Only with 300 men, Israel was able to defeat the much larger army of the enemy. Gideon didn’t even need to sweat in battle; God made the enemy attack one another! Gideon overcame the world by faith during his time!


From what Holy Spirit said above, I realize more and more about the importance of holding fast onto God’s word and focusing on what He is saying! Because that’s the reason God is with us, and that’s why He could move freely through us to accomplish many other great things on this earth. There are still many ‘crazy things beyond man’s reason’ that God will do through us. This world won’t be able to deny that the God we worship is real; He is alive, and He is still working on this earth!


John 14:12 (NASBTruly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father.


I believe, we are entering an ‘era’ of a ‘great and extraordinary generation’. If we are already in awe with what Jesus did 2000 years ago on earth, moreover ‘this generation’ which will reveal much greater works of God, even compared to Jesus. However, all of this will take place only to reveal the name of the Lord and to bring in His Kingdom on this earth. This is possible because ‘this generation’ is already dead from their personal ambition and dreams. The only thing they hold onto is God’s word!


We are this GENERATION OF BELIEVERS in these end times! We focus and hold on to His word alone! By faith, we overcome this world! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus