August 16, 2019

Elijah is someone who lived in the grasp of God’s word and the reality of His presence. When Israel was struck by drought, many died due to starvation – man could no longer rely on the produce of the land, money, and their own strength. Meanwhile, Elijah experienced God’s perfect provision. He became light in the midst of darkness; life in the midst of death! God used Elijah to save the widow of Zarephath’s life. Through his life, death is swallowed up in victory!


There is something interesting about Elijah’s story. He was in the same condition (severe drought) just like everybody else. Elijah also didn’t have any foodstuff, money, relation, or anyone he could rely on. The same goes for the widow of Zarephath; she had no money, relation, or enough food. But this is the difference between Elijah and the widow: Elijah had the reality of God’s presence and His word, while the widow did not.


Elijah truly proved that he lived from God’s word and the reality of His presence alone! That’s the reason Elijah experienced God’s miraculous power! He experienced the same negative condition like everybody else, but he was not destroyed; instead, Elijah became a solution, a life-giving spirit!


I believe, God is making our lives distinguished from others because His word and the presence of His reality is with us. The contrast will become even more visible when the world is shaking (Heb 12:26). That’s the moment we can truly say that we live only by God’s word and the reality of His presence. Many people can now see a true evidence that His divinity is what sustains us – not money, wealth, or others!


People couldn’t deny that God is with Elijah! Because Elijah also experienced the same condition of the land just like everybody else during his time! He also didn’t have any money to buy food! Before the drought, Elijah could’ve stored food and water somewhere – but God didn’t command him to do it. So, Elijah truly lived by the word alone – 100% and no mixture!


I believe that the same thing will happen to us one day. Our life will become a real proof that we live by God’s word and reality alone! Just like Jesus who said that He lived by the word and the will of God alone, we will also prove it tangibly!


When thousands of people are starving, Jesus didn’t rely on money or connection. A real miracle took place; 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish multiplied miraculously, feeding thousands and even leaving 12 baskets!


When the sick flocked to Jesus, He didn’t give them medicine or instruct them to go to physicians for treatment. Jesus healed them by the power of the Word and Spirit! Death is truly swallowed up in victory, and darkness is truly removed in the presence of light! That’s the life of Jesus!


There are many other proofs that the Father is with Jesus, and that Jesus lived by His word alone. That’s why when He was on earth, Jesus was the man ‘worthy’ to be called as someone who lives by the word and the will of the Father!


I believe, the work of God’s Word and Spirit will keep building our awareness of the reality of God’s presence. And it won’t only make us godly and accurate. The awareness of the reality of God’s presence will also enable us to demonstrate His power! This is where a very concrete difference could be seen between those who live by His word alone, those in mixture, and those who don’t.


In the days ahead, this world will become increasingly wicked, and the existing system is leading the world into destruction. That’s the moment we will function as a life-giving spirit. Wherever we are, death will be removed. Wherever we are, darkness will cease!


That’s the portion of faith given by the Holy Spirit which I’ll guard and grow. I believe, man who walks in divine power truly exists. And I believe, God will once again reveal them on the face of this earth! #ILoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus