August 17, 2018

There is certain characteristic carried by those who are connected with the kingdom: the congregation/believers carry or manifest the victorious spirit in their lives. No wonder when the Ephesian church recognised themselves as ‘disciples’ but the first time they met Paul, he ‘smelled’ the absent of the victorious spirit. He directly questioned the presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives; because the Holy Spirit is the only one who connect us with the kingdom and at the same time He will condition us to be someone who carry or manifest the victorious spirit (Acts19:1-2).

The following are the characteristics of people who carry or manifest the victorious spirit in their lives:

1. Naturally they are optimistic and have a positive attitude

In this prophetic journey, there will always be challenges and confrontations; however, for those who are connected with the kingdom, the work of the word and the Spirit will make them see all facts from God’s perspective and His word. We realised that God has set the whole journey. Our part is to walk according to His guidance/direction. God is still in control when challenges or confrontations come to our lives, and He will fight for us. Remember! Our part is to walk in obedience! Even though we still have to face a warfare but our part is to obey! Although we say: “I am not trained to fight”, but when God says: “Swing your sword”; and when we obey, the swing we made will be like the hand of an angel swings the sword to destroy the enemies.

2. Solution oriented

Those who have a victorious spirit usually have a solution oriented mind. We move together as one Body, whereas each individual has his own level of growth; there will always be a decision made by someone who has the potential to be a source of problems; not only for himself but also has the potential to influence the whole flock. When a problem arises from inaccuracy, many people tend to look for the guilty one, so he/she can be blamed for what happen.

But for believers who carry the victorious spirit, they won’t be trapped to find  who is right or wrong over a problem. They will seek and find a solution over the problem. After the problem is solved, then they will look for the source or the root of the problem so it won’t happen again in the future.

3. They have enthusiasm in everyday life

Those who manifest the victorious spirit, for sure they will have enthusiasm in every day life, full of passion in interacting with someone or in doing their work. No matter how old they are, enthusiasm comes from the work of the word and the Spirit, not their outward character!

Many people often limit themselves based on their outward character so when the victorious spirit is activate in their lives, that spirit cannot grow or express freely. We have to change our inaccurate perspective or basic belief about someone’s character. Believe, that when the word and the Spirit work in our lives, divine character will begin to arise and replace our outward character (1 Corinthians 15:47-49).

4. Filled with gratitude, cheerful and warm-hearted

Divine character that grows because of the work of the word and the Spirit in our lives, will make our lives filled with gratitude, cheerful and warm-hearted; no matter our past characters. When someone is connected with the reality of heaven and always have the victorious spirit, for sure he will have the reality of God that condition him to always grateful (as he knows that God’s hand is with him), cheerful and have a warm personality (because he has a healthy/positive emotion). Compared to those who live in the pressure of ‘perilous times’ and ‘the evil days’: Man becomes stubborn, fierce, selfish, etc (2 Tim 3:1-9).

5. They are not held hostage by variety of outward or negative facts, but believe that God’s hand will always be with them and enables them to change the facts, so God will be glorified.

Someone who brings a victorious spirit will continue to speak by relying on the power of declaration: make declaration, imagine the words while speaking in tongue and prophesy until something happens inside; and while he is receiving a confirmation from the Holy Spirit that ‘something has happened in the spirit realm’, he begins to give thanks for what he ‘had received in his spirit’ and continue to declare ‘what he had received’ until it is fully manifest in the outward realm.

The victorious spirit will set someone free from anxiety, fear of the facts or situations that he faces, and position him to have the power or authority to change the facts according to God’s word/promise.

Your kingdom comes on earth, in my life… the same as in heaven… Let it be done!

Ps. Steven Agustinus