August 18, 2018

Many people who are all-out for God – willing to die, to believe God even when it doesn’t make sense, and to let go of everything for God – are lifted as leaders. God does that so the people they lead could inherit the same quality. However, the opposite often happens; when the leader starts to function in leadership, there are struggles, challenges, consquences and confrontations that they always face.

Countless leaders who firstly bear the fire of revival in their life become distracted. Challenges, consequences and distractions slowly kill the fire of revival in their life.

Today, many leaders are participating in ministry only as a professional or simply because it’s their duty. They no longer have the joy of ministering or the fire of Holy Spirit that moves them.

1. The Devil’s main target is to ‘clog’ the flow of living water of every believers and leaders

This is the flow of living water that ‘make glad’ every believer (Ps 46:4-5)Without divine life, everything we do are merely a routine and religiosity. Without God’s joy, whatever we do will become a burden. That’s why the Devil’s main target is to clog the flow of living water of believers and leaders!

The various challenges, confrontations, and negative consequences are utilized by the enemy to distract the focus of believers and leaders. The enemy doesn’t want believers to guard and grow the depth of the living water in their hearts. By setting the distractions, the enemy wants us to focus on them instead.

Meanwhile, we should stay focused in building the depth of Holy Spirit’s work in our life. By doing so, the power of grace will automatically activate. And by the power of grace, there is nothing we couldn’t face and finish!

God Himself has promised to fight for us. Although the enemy comes out against us one way, God will make them flee before us seven ways (Deut 28:7).

2. Believers and leaders being deceived by the ceaseless negative facts is often caused by weak and inaccurate convictions

This is where we need more awareness of God’s reality. In His presence, Holy Spirit will correct many wrong convictions and thinking concepts that we still harbor.

Oftentimes, God allows challenges and confrontations because we are still inaccurate in certain life areas. The Devil exploits the existing inaccuracies to ‘strike & destroy’ us. However, the Father will never let the Devil do what it wants; Father overturns the Devil’s plan to work for our good!

Give thanks if the enemy keeps on coming. It means the Father gives us the opportunity to fix and condition ourselves to become more accurate! Don’t be afraid of the enemy’s attacks. Because regardless of all, the sovereignty of God’s power still applies on us!

Come to His presence and clean our heart from all the raging emotions. When the stillness of the throne room starts to enter our heart, ask the Holy Spirit to align ourselves with His word. Whatever thing that is still inaccurate, fix it in His presence. Whatever action we must do, do it wholeheartedly. Ask for the promise of His word, then declare and prophesy it until the fire of His Spirit returns in our heart. That’s the sign that God is moving to deal with what needs to be dealt with.

Don’t get trapped in the Devil’s deception until we lose the living water that should always flow from our hearts! From that flow of living water, we will receive grace after grace. And God’s grace will position us to subdue Mammon, and it condition us to always become a solution for those around us! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus