August 19, 2019

All kinds of sorrow and sadness are forms of death. Meanwhile, truth, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit is the true form of life (living in God’s unshakable kingdom).


I find the ‘secret’ to always live in divine joy in Psalms 37:4 : “Delight yourself in the Lord; And He will give you the desires of your heart.” (NASB)


Delight in the Lord means we make God the only source of our joy – He is the only reason we are joyful! Once again, this comes back to the heart that loves the Lord! By having a heart that loves Him, our desires will surely focus on God (wanting to know Him more, to communicate with Him, to tarry in His presence).


When our heart is filled with love and passion towards God, we’ll have moments of encounter with Him. There, Holy Spirit has the freedom to plant into our hearts the desires within God’s heart. We’ll start to desire what He desires. That’s why He will surely give us what we ask for, because there is no conflict between God’s desire and our desire (James 1:21,Philippians 2:13).


Meditating His word will become our delight. The desire to fulfill His heart desires will become the focus of our life. In essence, by making God our one and only, our desires will surely be fixed towards God and the fulfillment of His plans.


In all situations, God wants every believer to stay strong in Him (Eph 6:10). But in practice, many believers still find it hard to stay in peace and joy whenever facing negative facts and data. Many believers are still in the state of ‘trying’ to entrust themselves to the Lord whenever facing problems. Without knowing, the system of this world has convinced us that we will never be fully free from fear, anxiety, and worries whenever facing negative facts and data. Meanwhile, God has given His unshakable kingdom to us!


I believe that negative emotions are one of this world’s mold that must be quickly dismantled and removed from our lives. It’s time for us to re-train ourselves to always show divine emotions, especially when facing negative facts and data.


I believe, as God’s people who’ve been reborn by the word of truth (Jam 1:18), we must actively be renewed in our mind, and transformed in our convictions, mindset and lifestyle. We must throw away everything inaccurate, and devote ourselves in receiving the word that God has planted in our hearts (Jam 1:21). #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus