August 2, 2018

The problem that still regularly bother believers is relationship problems. Whether they are irritated, vengeful, disappointed, or filled with hatred, the reasons are countless, starting from the logical to the illogical ones.

Surely, meeting with certain people with relational problems is bothersome. We want to stay away, but couldn’t, because they live around us, and they are believers just like us.

I keep asking, “why should there always be ‘unique’ people like that in the middle of the movement?” Because they often distract us to deal with their inner conflict. Does God allow such thing to shape us? Or is that the reality and dynamics of life that we must accept? Or is it part of the battle that we must overcome?

Interestingly, this kind of inner conflict problems is like a fungus spreading everywhere. When we kill one, another will grow somewhere else. One person is healed only for another person filled with inner conflict to show up. It seems we don’t have any proper solution for this. We can feel very annoyed because of being trapped to take care of people who are carrying wounds. In the end, church becomes busy with merely taking care of those kind of people, distracted from doing God’s will!

After meditating upon it, it turns out that all of them are the enemy’s work that tries to manifest through people who are carrying inner wound! One is their goal: to disturb our spiritual journey and to steal our peace and joy. If we disregard this, our growth and effectiveness in finishing God’s will be hindered.

I see people who carry inner wound like someone who is bleeding in the ocean; they attract sharks to come and prey on them.

Therefore, we need to act as follow:

1. Just pray for them

When we lift our prayers, opportunities for healing will show up. Because through our prayers, we destroy the enemy’s work that are gnawing on their life.

2. Stay focused in doing God’s will

Once we’ve lifted our prayers, stay focused and continue running to finish God’s will. Because we have many grand assignments to do. And our focus is not for secondary matters, but for the big picture that God has set.

3. Build the full awareness that we are in the middle of a battle – a battle to maintain victory!

So, whoever the enemy is using to steal our peace and joy – whether through words or actions – our part is to fight back! We don’t defend, we attack!

4. The most accurate way to attack is to declare the word and to build our spirit man (speaking in tongues) until we experience theblazing fire of the Spirit in our heart

By doing so, we are in a strong spiritual position to drive away every pollution and irritation from those who are filled with inner conflict.

5. Don’t delay in attacking back (point 4)

Yes, do it quickly! Don’t let negative thoughts enter us through their attitude and words. We are not trash bins, but the dwelling place of the living God. So, it’s just right for us to take action and fill ourselves with the work of His word and Spirit! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus