August 20, 2019

James 1:21 (NASB) Therefore, putting aside all filthiness and all that remains of wickedness, in humility receive the word implanted, which is able to save your souls.

The word “receive” was taken from the Greek word “dechomai,” meaning: to take with enthusiasm, paying attention, capturing, and making something one’s own. The word “in humility” was taken from the Greek word “prautes, meaning: with submission and obedience, ready to adjust oneself with authority, obey with meekness, without resistance. The word “implanted” was taken from the Greek word “emphutos,” meaning: innate, implanted by nature.

From the verse above, I find that God has implanted His word in our lives. The heart that loves Him, the heart which is fixed towards the truth is something ‘inborn’ for New Creations born out of truthHowever, the word inside us won’t make us any different from this world as long as we don’t take our decision to put aside everything inaccurate.


We need to receive every word in our life with enthusiasm, meekness, and readiness to adjust ourselves to everything the word says. Every word God planted in our life is to be obeyed with all our heart. We must come to a point where the word becomes an inseparable part of our life, which in turn saves our soul! The word saves our soul from all forms of death, including sadness, inner conflict, and all kinds of negative emotions. Truly, life only exists within the word!

James 1:22-25 emphasizes that we need to make sure that every implanted word of God must be projected through our everyday life. To become accurate doers of the word, we must look intently at the perfect law, which is the Word we have received with a meek heart attitude. To look intently and devote ourselves in the word means we keep studying them, and keep listening to His teaching with full attention.


I realize more and more that listening and understanding the word is not enough. Writing down word meditation every day is also not enough. We must make sure that every word understanding we receive is applied in our everyday life. Not stopping there, God also wants us to keep evaluating ourselves; we must make sure that the word we receive becomes one with our identity, expressed naturally in our everyday life (without force)!


That’s the word which is written as the law of liberty. It liberates us to live in harmony with God. We’ll always be free to delight His heart! In turn, we’ll be happy (blessed) in our lives because we become earnest doers of the word (Jam 1:25, Luk 11:28). #ILoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus