August 21, 2018

Many people are praying for the incoming retreat of Steven and Sons (SnS) Family. There is a Spirit revelation received by someone:

I believe, it’s time for God’s church to give birth to the righteous who will build the nation. The whole congregation will no longer become spectators or passive church members who only come to services to enjoy God’s Word and reality. In local churches, all members will merge and function to fulfill the needs of their home and its flow of life. The Body of Christ in the scale of local churches will start to function optimally.

When I prayed for the moment of retreat, and asked for my portion in the event, this is what God said: “It’s time for useful people to rise up. No more useless people in My Kingdom.”

For church members who consistently give themselves to function, God will lift them as resourceful people for His kingdom and agenda. The people will no longer be confused in functioning. Because God’s grace has made them more than functional; they become resourceful for God.

Next, God showed me the story of the prodigal son who returns to his father’s house. In the same manner, in this SnS retreat, our Father and King will find sons of the kingdom. The world will lose 700-800 people who once loved money, self and this world. They will turn to pursue and love God and the fulfillment of His plans alone.

I see how the Father cleans the lives of His sons. Then, He put on the best robe, ring and sandals for them – everyone in the retreat will experience the reality of Zion. The moment of inauguration of the sons of the kingdom will take place in the retreat (Ps 2:6-9)!

It’s time for the rise of resourceful sons in the kingdom! They will rise and move in the power of His Spirit! The era of ‘passive & useless’ church members will end soon! God’s people will rise to always say ‘YES’ to His call!

Spirit outpouring will take place in the retreat. Through it, God’s people will have the ability to function and become useful for every grand agenda of His kingdom. This nation will never be the same again, for the USEFUL people of God’s kingdom is being born! Hallelujah! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus