August 22, 2018

Every leader of local churches must ask themselves: Have I connect (and am I still connected) to a leader of a movement/a source of grace? For without it, they will merely become an ‘operational manager’ of religious and ritualistic local church services.

The church is supposed to function as a portal of heaven for God to move and touch cities. However, the church never functions as she should. It happens because church only functions merely as far as organizing services. Meanwhile, many people in cities and nations keep moving towards darkness and destruction.

Many people who hold leadership positions in cities are enforcing arbitrary policies without any clear purpose of social justice. So, we have no other alternative. We need leaders who carries the spirit of movement in their life!

For someone to test themselves, whether they have (and are still) connected to a source of a movement, here are the following characteristics of those who are connected accurately to a movement leader:

1. Carrying the same life of the Spirit

One day, God revealed the principle of building in the spirit to me. Truly, it is the essence and the most effective way of adopting the work of the word and Spirit that is working in a leader’s life. We are grafting the same spirit of movement that God has planted in the life of movement leaders – including those who are still alive and those who have finished their race (Jer 50:25).

This is what we simply need to do to practice the lesson of building the spirit man. Just take the core message of a movement leader, and start to pray about it. In this way, we are accessing the spiritual dimensions that are contained inside the leader’s core message.

The movement leader delivers what he delivers because that’s the word message that has successfully ‘been planted, lived, and bore fruit’. The word that is burning in the leader’s life imparts a distinct life that positions them as a movement leader.

By adopting the same life of the Spirit of the movement leader, the same spiritual dynamics and fruits of ministry will automatically start to work in our life (as congregation leaders). Faithfully ‘work the fields’ that God has entrusted us. So, in whatever portion of grace that God has given us, we could bring forth a spiritual movement.

2. Receiving the same word revelation & the same work of the Spirit

Somehow, God will give us many revelations of the word that are exactly the same like what He revealed to the source of the movement. Now, we are in the same spiritual frequency. Whatever the Father speaks to the carrier of the movement, we also listen to the same thing! This will unite us with the source of the movement.

One day, God will surely synergize us and bring about the ministry of the Body of Christ. Together, we will enlarge the impact of our ministry.

Competitions and struggle of territory and influence will no longer exist. Because all of us have the same mind: to work for the expansion of the Kingdom of Heaven!

What God has started in the life of the movement carrier will be duplicated in us who adopt the same life of the Spirit. Through the duplication, our ministry impact and effectiveness will increase; a spiritual synergy takes place!

Nobody will be able to contain or hold this movement back. The more the duplication occurs, the stronger the movement becomes – it becomes an unstoppable movement!

I pray for however many leaders who are reading this principle. Let them start to open themselves to adopt the same Spirit life that God has planted in my life. Let them start functioning as key movement people in their local churches. #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus