August 22, 2019

This message continues from yesterday’s daily devotion.




Even non-believers practice out the principle of thanksgiving. So, if we give thanks when the external factors are well, we are still like everybody else. However, when we give thanks even when facing negative facts, now that’s what makes us different!


Even these days, motivational speakers are teaching us to give thanks in bad conditions so our emotions could shift from the negative to the positive, enabling us to achieve optimal results. So, what’s the difference between us believers and the motivators? It’s in the ‘reason we give thanks’.


We give thanks because by His grace, we’ve been redeemed by the cross, taken out from darkness into His marvelous light. Moreover, God promised that His reality will always stay with us (John 14:16-18). That’s the basic essence which differentiates us so much from the motivators of this world. It’s so basic, yet so discerning. It’s very accurate for us to give thanks everyday because of that reason.


In whatever condition, give thanks because His grace has saved us, and brought our lives out from darkness into light. Truly, darkness could not rule over us. Because wherever light is, darkness will surely cease. Negative facts we face are darkness trying to ‘rule’ us. So, thank God that now we are already in light. Meaning, those negative facts could not influence our lives at all!


Let thanksgiving flow from our hearts always! So, in His marvelous light, we could always see and feel the goodness of our God!




Who could rejoice when facing negative facts? We could, for God is with us! Because the first and foremost in our lives is the reality of His presence, not others. We could stay rejoicing when God is tangibly with us!

That’s our heart attitude. When His presence is real, that’s enough for us! Because He is our most precious! Anything else may be stolen, but not our awareness of the reality of His presence. Because that’s the source of everything in our life. Losing our awareness of His reality means losing everything. Although we lost ‘everything else’, as long as we are with His reality, it means that we still have everything!


Starting from today, I will fix my heart’s focus on the reality of His presence alone! That’s the awareness I will keep on building; it will be the reason why the joy in my heart always overflows! Not because of external factors, but because His reality is real in my heart! 


Now I understand more and more that the true process in life is not changing negative facts, but the transformation of our heart attitude towards the divine! Always remember: the prayers we lift will firstly change our lives, not the facts!


When our heart attitude is set – we believe, give thanks and rejoice in all situations – that’s the moment we’re no longer influenced by external things. Our responses become different! We become a very calm and peaceful person, because we believe in Him who stays in control of everything!


When we do our part (to believe, give thanks, and rejoice), then God will do His part in His time. #ILoveGod 


Ps. Steven Agustinus