August 25, 2018

In the third day, Holy Spirit emphasized a message about passive church members.

Many passive Christians keep living carelessly and live their life full of problems. At the same time, they don’t want to change. What they want is a ‘quick fix’ from anointed servants of God – their laying of hands to finish every problem and lift every burden. If nothing happens during and after the laying of hands, they will assume that the minister lacks anointing. Then they start to look for another minister who are ‘more powerful’.

At once, I understand something. That is the mentality nurtured by the worldly spirits. This is how worldly spirits grow such mentalityin believers:

1. Raising ‘preachers’ who keep delivering psychological knowledge into the church

This causes the people to grow away from Christ. They become a ‘good man’, but not a ‘man of God’. As believers, they are still limited in expressing the Spirit of Christ within.

2. Raising churches that are built on the desire of man, the pattern of man, and the pursuit of money

This kind of church prioritize the people’s comfort and desires. Their priority is to please the people, not God (doing His will). Their principle is to do everything they can so the people will not “run away” to other places.

3. Making the people addicted to preachers who are not speaking God’s voice, but the desires of the people who are chasing blessing after blessing

As a consequence they reject the servant of God and God’s voice because they are used to “tasting” the voice of humanity! This happens when the people listen to the truth from the true servant of God (those who are truly shaped and molded by God, carrying divine pattern).

4. Worldly spirits harden the leaders’ heart to maintain their inaccurate pattern in building the church

In the end, church members who are willing to open their heart to the truth ‘clashes’ with their own leader. This creates numerous ‘schisms within the church’.

At the same time, these leaders exploit the conflict to spread the issue that the truth-speaking minister is false because they maketheir people ‘rebel’.

Regardless of all, this is what I believe. God’s voice keeps being sounded from accurate churches. It will clean every work of worldly spirits. Transformation will surely take place! The restoration of all things could not be contained.

Now, we only have two choices: to follow the genuine truth, or to oppose it. And surely, the truth is the option that makes usunshakable. Church members who for so long have been ‘spoiled and become passive’ will come to their senses. They must leave their mentality to experience the reality of God and His unshakable kingdom. Because if not, their life will be shaken and end in shambles.

Only those who submit themselves under the training of the Word & Spirit could stay in the fight & become overcomers of this world!#iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus