August 26, 2019

When someone perseveres in obeying the word, they’re akin to building their house on solid rock. When the floods came, the house is unshakable, because it’s been built solidly (Luke 6:47-48 TLB).


Holy Spirit brought me to realize this: when I keep persevering in meditating and doing the word, I’m positioning myself to live in His unshakable kingdom. Heaven and earth will pass away; only God’s word will stand strong and still (Mat 24:35).


This is one of the specific benefits we’ll enjoy when our lives are built on His word: our emotion will become very stable, because there is no turmoil in God indeed!


Once again, Holy Spirit reminded me about the story in Matthew 8:23-27. Jesus and His disciples were inside the boat in the middle of the sea, and then the storm started to rage. The extraordinary thing about this story is, when Jesus’ disciples were panicking, the great storm couldn’t even wake Jesus up! Jesus wasn’t awakened by the storm; He woke up and rebuked the storm only because His disciples woke Him up.


How could Jesus sleep in the midst of a raging storm? It’s possible because Jesus is an unshakable person! He is greater than the storm, and that’s why the great storm couldn’t influence Him at all! He knows that He has authority over this universe from the Father. HE IS SO MUCH MORE GREATER THAN THE STORM!


As long as I make sure that I’m with God, I know that I don’t need to fear anything! As His righteous, I want to make sure that I live by faith. Our solid and unshakable faith cannot be determined by our human condition, but by God’s POWERFUL existence over our lives!


By knowing that God is ABLE and that He LOVES us, I believe that we’ll enjoy His sovereign power guarding our lives; we will always stay in the covering of His peace.


Holy Spirit also reminded me about Jesus’ story when He was tempted by the Devil in the wilderness. How could Jesus win so easily by God’s word against the Devil? Meanwhile, as a man, Jesus was very hungry (Luk 4:2). Usually in such exhaustion and starvation, man will easily show negative emotions. But Jesus was different! From such simple thing, I realize that exhaustion shouldn’t affect our emotions. If someone’s mood turns bad whenever they’re tired or hungry, they’ve actually been deceived by the Devil!


The other interesting thing is, the Devil tempted Jesus using the scripture! The Devil knew that Jesus is someone who lives from the word, so it’s impossible for Jesus to deny the word. The Devil wasn’t trying to make Jesus doubt God’s word, but it is trying to derail Jesus from His obedience to the Father’s will and plan.


Every temptation of the Devil towards Jesus is to make Jesus an initiator on this earth. But Jesus’ reflex was to confront every instruction of the Devil using the scripture – word against word! Jesus kept living on earth as an executor of the Father’s will. He never abused the power and authority within Him for His own interest. Jesus kept moving based on the will of the Father.


From this word meditation, I learned that I must keep equipping myself with the word. The more I meditate and merge God’s word into my life, the more I’ll become unshakable in all aspects! When the enemy speaks, God’s word within me will instantly rise up, deflecting and destroying the enemy’s work!


That’s why I want to make sure that my conviction and mindset in all aspects is built by His word alone! Therefore, in whatever aspects the enemy wants to attack, God’s word is already there to destroy the work of the enemy!


Keep building our lives by the Word, and keep persevering in adding the arsenal of God’s word. When the enemy comes with 1 sentence, we’ll have various word of God rising up to confront and ‘gang up’ on the work of the enemy.


I desire to become an executor of the Father’s will who can’t be shaken or distracted by the enemy. I become increasingly passionate to build myself upon the word. I give my life, so the Holy Spirit could train me by His word alone. I’ll become increasingly focused, effective, and productive in doing His will on earth!


Let it be done in Jesus name, amen! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus