August 28, 2018

The more I meditate on the book of Acts chapter 19, the more I see the importance of a leader, in his capacity, in ensuring the progress of his church. Even in the book of Revelation chapter 2 & 3 – which describes churches in end time; God still uses leaders to adjust and align churches with His eternal design. First, God formed the leader, and it is the leader’s duty to align his church. That is God’s work pattern.

A leader is the key of a movement. God trusted a leader for the progress, breakthrough and changes in the life of the church members. The life of a leader will more or less manifested in the lives of the people he leads.

1. Every leader must be connected to the kingdom’s dimension before he begins his ministry as a leader

When Apollos led the Ephesians church, they were just a group of people who loves God. But when the same people led by Paul, they were transformed and became the center of a movement throughout all Asia. It could happen because Paul, as a leader, had lived in the kingdom’s dimension (he not only could ‘see’ the reality of the kingdom, or ‘enter and live’ in the reality of the kingdom, but he became the ‘owner’ of the kingdom) so wherever, whenever and whoever he ministered, he could present the power of the kingdom.

The presence of a leader who carries the kingdom’s dimension will make a big difference in the lives of the people he ministered to. Through the leader, the church where he ministered will not only ‘understand’ some spiritual aspects but they ‘have’ the essence of what is being taught – for example, the church will not only ‘understand about faith’ but they are conditioned by the leader so they can ‘have the life of faith’.

Before we can see the kingdom’s dimension in our lives, we have to give our lives in the covering of someone who is ‘already connected with the kingdom of heaven’ (John 3:3). By aligning our minds/point of view with the leader’s, then we will be able to ‘see’ what the leader ‘can see’. The principle of the words cannot be just a theory but it has to be a reality in our daily lives.

2. A leader has to set his heart to the truth; he must have the thirst and hunger for truth that is burning in his heart

A leader who loves the truth usually will be surrounded with those who love the truth. I figure that the presence of a leader and his ministry works like a radio transmitter that works at a certain frequency; only those who have a receiver that set to the same frequency can hear the broadcast from the studio. Usually those who carry a different frequency will feel that their needs are neglected by the servant of God, so soon or later they will move to another church/fellowship.

Different with those who initially carry a different frequency, but they are willing to adopt the same frequency like the leader’s; they will experience a drastic transformation in their lives. All kinds of contamination in life: they love God but they also still have the love of the world, the love of self, the love of money; those things will begin to disappear. A life that fully set to the truth and pursue the reality of God will grow in their lives.

When the leader believes in pursuing God’s reality even when it does not make sense, willing to die to do His word and willing to let go of everything in living the truth, then the church he leads will also have the same passion.

This message will continue tomorrow….

Ps. Steven Agustinus