August 29, 2018

This is the continuation of yesterday’s message

3. It is mandatory for a leader to have a meek, moldable, teachable and changeable spirit (by experiencing God’s process of life crushing and reformation through His word and Spirit, conforming them towards Christ)

In these last days, God is giving birth to a generation. This generation loves God so much that they are willing to do anything God instructs them to. This includes unusual commands to do in their daily life.

Such generation, however, could only be born from specific leaders; those whose heart’s nature is meek, moldable, teachable and wanting to change. These are the leaders who no longer struggle with God’s every word, direction, and process. God’s hands have the freedom to mold and re-shape the lives of such leaders. Through such leaders, God could touch the people. In the end, God could give birth to a generation who truly live from God’s word and shaping alone!

In this generation, there is no more mixture in the lives of the leaders and the people they lead. There is no more struggle between flesh and the divine life in these believers; they can be called the people prepared for the Lord (Luk 1:17).

4. It is mandatory for a leader to live in full dependence on God who has called him into ministry, believing that the same God will fulfill all their needs (including their family) until they have no more dependence on Mammon (which potentially shackles their ministry and family life)

This happens to leaders who have gaps in the area of lifestyle and other family needs. They will become easily enticed to compromise foundational principles (which they hold on to at first) only to gain certain things from their leadership position. They start to become leaders who ‘can be bought’.

That kind of leader will never become all-out in fulfilling God’s plan, both for their life and for the people they lead. What’s in their mind is, “I will be done for if the congregation rejects what I’m trying to do.” This is the kind of leaders who have been trapped in comfort zone. They usually refuse to do various changes that could potentially ‘disturb’ the people.

In essence, God has done something before He calls and positions someone as a leader. He has equipped the person with various spiritual equipments so they no longer become anxious or disturbed in the aspect of daily needs. Jehova Jireh – The Provider of all our needs – has revealed Himself and positions the leader to live only from His own hands. It doesn’t matter whether he ministers in major cities, or in the edge of a remote village, or even in the midst of the jungle – he will never lack! God’s blessing and provision will always be enough in his life!

What makes someone live in lack, or in the shackles of debt, is their inaccurate lifestyle! As long as a leader keeps living a ‘just enough’ lifestyle, rest be assured that they will never lack or be shackled in debt.

5. A leader must be daring to die, to believe God even when it doesn’t make sense, and to let go of everything in pursuing God’s reality and the fulfillment of His plans

Without the death of flesh (living in the Spirit), and continuous self-denial and bearing the cross, we could never love God with all our heart, soul and strength (1 John 2:15). Meanwhile, that’s how we could become all-out – willing to die, to believe God even when it doesn’t make sense, and to let go of everything for Him.

Without leaders experiencing the fire of first love, they could never bring the people to experience first love towards God. In the same way, we need leaders who are all-out in pursuing God until they experience a personal revival. Because through those leaders, God could give birth to a congregation that lives in the same fire of revival. #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus