August 29, 2019

We can see many people who are very successful and wealthy according to this world’s standard – their life even seems to be perfect! But then, many of them are suddenly found dead due to suicide.


There are much shocking news about successful people who suddenly ‘fail’. The increasing number of such news emphasizes that there is a level of death that is still more ‘powerful’ than worldly riches and success obtained by those people.


I remember about Cain’s descendants who lived without knowing God and even defying Him. Without living in the fear of the Lord, they become ‘successful’ instead, pioneering innovations in the world of agriculture, music, arts, etc. From the perspective of this world, they are very successful indeed! They even built majestic cities!


However, the success of Cain’s descendants became the source of their own destruction. Their lives become full of strive and bloodshed. The work of the enemy and ‘death’ in all levels rule rampantly over all their lives!


The true life (zoe) is only within God. That’s why the Devil will keep trying to ‘counterfeit’ it using fake life (bios & psuche). This counterfeit life will make man thirst again; it could never satisfy permanently. Meanwhile, the Father has prepared everything original for us to enjoy – and as His sons, the true life is our portion indeed! Let God be the only source of our contentment!


When meditating on the word in 1 John 5:1-5 about faith which overcomes this world, I am reminded of the first law, which is to love God with all our heart, soul and strength (Mat 22:37-38). The heart that loves the Lord is the main key which enables us to live according to His plan without a struggle. Because to live according to His will and to obey His statutes is not difficult (1 John 5:3)!


Suddenly, Holy Spirit brought me to realize this. The reason why many believers are still ‘tempted’ to pursue worldly success, or at least become ‘jealous’ of worldly people, is because they fail to recognize their true identity in God. When the knowledge of God stops growing, so does the knowledge of our identity in Him.


Holy Spirit made me realize about my identity as a son of the King of kings who owns the whole universe. What higher position are we seeking? What other success or happiness are we still searching for in this world? Now I realize more and more why we must seek first the Kingdom of God and His truth. Because when we see, enter, and become owners of His kingdom, we will realize that we have no more need! There is nothing more beautiful than living together with Him!


I want to keep guarding my heart. I want to make sure that God is my most precious treasure; my one and only. There is nothing else that is more precious, and there is nothing else that I love more than Him.


Rather than taking an example of successful worldly figures, I am much more inspired about Moses who insisted for God’s reality to stay, more than the fulfillment of God’s promises leading to great success (Ex 33:15). I prefer to take an example of Jesus’ heart attitude and inclination; when He was being hailed by many to be exalted as king, He simply removes Himself from the crowd, although this world is trying to ‘promote Him’. Jesus knows for sure about His identity as the Son of God, and His heart is always fixed to the Father. That’s why Jesus often withdraws Himself to pray (John6:15, Mat 14:23).


I realize more and more that GOD IS THE TRUE TREASURE! That’s why I want to stay focused and devoted in pursuing Him, to capture what’s in His heart, and to meditate, understand, and carry out His every word. What’s burning in my heart is only the passion to fulfill His heart desires!


I want to make sure that I stay devoted in the Word, continuously building my fellowship with the Lord. Therefore, I can recognize God’s ways more and more; in His ways, His favor and presence is with my every step. That’s much more important than His promise to promote my life into someone influential, renown, and respected!


I desire only one; to become someone who lives with Him, to fulfill His heart desires together with Him! With overflowing joy and a burning passion, I dedicate my life completely to be His! Let Your will be done in my life, o God! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus