August 3, 2018

Since God sent Moses back to Egypt to deliver Israel from slavery, many clashes happened between them. Israel kept turning their back on Moses. They regret being delivered from Egypt by Moses!

However, it doesn’t matter how many people opposed Moses – God keeps siding with Moses! No wonder God once killed hundreds of thousands of the Israelites in a day because of their attitude towards Moses (Deuteronomy 16). This shows that there is a spiritual law, truth, principle and pattern in His Kingdom when it comes to the relation between leaders and the people, between spiritual fathers and sons – and they are not to be toyed with!

Even when a leader/spiritual father has limitations and weaknesses, it must not become an excuse for us to oppose them, because God always sides with the leaders. Is God fair? Yes, that’s God form of justice to teach us to respect the authority who keep watch over our souls (Heb 13:17).

It seems that Israel’s problem back then is not too different from Christians today. When God gives the people a leader who carry divine pattern, controversy will usually take place.

Some easily receive, appreciate, and regard the leader as someone special. Those who do so will be easily molded according to the work of the Word and Spirit that also worked in the leader’s life.

Some only become ‘followers’ – they don’t follow from afar, but not too closely either. They limit themselves as spectators and enjoyers of God’s reality.

Some blatantly reject the leader and quit the comm3unity. And there are some who received the leader at first, but suddenly turn their back because their heart’s desires are not fulfilled. Yes, the problem circles around just that. All in all, many believers find it DIFFICULT TO BELIEVE a spiritual father.

The question is, must we believe leaders? Shouldn’t we believe in God alone?

Pay attention to the verse below! God wants us to believe leaders/spiritual fathers!

Exodus 19:9 (NASB) The LORD said to Moses, “Behold, I will come to you in a thick cloud, so that THE PEOPLE may hear when I speak with you and may also BELIEVE in you (Moses) forever. ” Then Moses told the words of the people to the LORD.

God carries out many great and miraculous works through spiritual fathers. Many Spirit impartations and God’s voice are delivered through their life. All of them are aimed to make the people TRUST their spiritual father. God needs that trust to be built, so the father could carry their sons before God as a holy and living sacrifice (Gen 22:1-19).

This is what I mean: complete trust on a spiritual father will make us willing to submit ourselves. We will open our hearts to be molded and shaped according to the divine pattern. Therefore, our daily life could delight God’s heart, and we could live in the fulfillment of God’s promises!

Surely, people have many excuses to distrust their leaders, although they already live accurately, carrying divine pattern, and having no intention to manipulate the people. One of the most basic reasons for rejecting such clean leaders is this: the people still love themselves, money, and this world.

This is what we should cleanse ourselves off; the love of self, money, and this world! Because following a spiritual father and following Jesus is the same journey; it is a journey of self-denial and bearing the cross. Because true spiritual fathers continuously walk in the death of the flesh with their eyes fixated open Jesus Christ! And one is their goal; for us to be like Christ!

Empty ourselves from the pursuit of personal dreams, ambitions, success, and blessings. As long as we hold on to them, we will keep circling in the spiritual wilderness. Moreover if we still love money and this world, we will surely reject the principle of true fathering! We will keep having conflict, friction, and tension with our spiritual father.

Jesus has shown the pattern to be a son who explicitly obeys the Father! He emptied Himself to such an extent from the love of self, money and this world. He only allowed the love of the Father to keep burning within Him (Phil 2:5-8).

I believe, by the power of His presence, God is conditioning us to become believers who trust in our spiritual father. At the same time, we shouldn’t become passive. We must actively condition ourselves to be cleansed/emptied by His word from all kinds of love of self, money, and this world. We must keep filling our lives with the same understanding that our spiritual father has.

Follow the footsteps of the early church. It is very easy for them to position Peter and the apostles as someone special. As a result, they could keep their hearts open to them, and devote themselves to the apostles’ teaching. In turn, their attitude and mind could be transformed until they become a community who represents Christ Himself! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus