August 4, 2018

One of the most basic characteristics of a spiritual son, who is connected to a spiritual father, who carries a divine pattern, is the heart that loves God and His reality! Yes, that is the basic characteristic of Joshua (Exodus 33:11),  Elisha (1 Kings 19:19-21), and Timothy (2 Timothy 1:5-6).

1. When we have a heart that loves God and His reality, God will lead us to meet a spiritual father who carries a divine pattern (Malachi 4:5-6)

Somehow, the sovereign God will arrange situations and conditions that enable us to hear the spiritual father preaches the word of God at one place. Whether we become participants of the seminar He held, or ‘by chance’ we see his sermon on social media, or our friends/relatives take us to his church. In principle, when we love God and His reality, God has many ways to bring us meet a spiritual father who carries a divine pattern.

2. A heart that loves God is the basic material to keep us active and aggressive in pursuing a spiritual father

After we meet a spiritual father, God wants us to pursue and to understand Him and His word whole heartedly. We have to meditate on, dig deeper, declare, take note, read repeatedly, use as materials to communicate with the Father in heaven all the words that our spiritual father delivered, until it become a strong foundation in our lives! For months and even years, we are willing to give our time to focus on and to saturate our lives in our spiritual father’s teaching. Those things done because of a heart that loves God.

It is important to guard the heart that loves God after we meet our spiritual father, so that the moment will not be in vain. Because the moment we meet our spiritual father is the chance for us to experience the life like Elisha who inherits the same spirit and the same calling as his spiritual father.

The problem is, many believers take wrong steps after they meet their spiritual father. Most of them go into a ‘comfort zone’. They think that they already have someone who pray and serve them; and they have received the word from the throne room without having to do anything. They think that the spiritual father will bless them doing their own agenda and desires without having to be on the agenda of the Kingdom of Heaven.

God never wants that to happen. A heart that loves God and the truth will give an access to the work of the Holy Spirit to guide us in all truth. So we will experience a significant changes in life; we are no longer ordinary people, but we are the sons of pride and encouragement who function and give life to God’s vision and mission in the spiritual home and become representatives of our spiritual father.

It is important for us to ask for the essential thing from the Holy Spirit everyday, a spirit that loves God, so we will never stop in the middle of our spiritual journey.

3. A heart that loves God is the basic foundation for a spiritual father to build the life of his spiritual sons as the temple of God

When we love God, our spiritual frequency focused on the throne room just like our spiritual father’s spiritual frequency; and we begin to understand the conversation between our spiritual father and the divine family in heaven. So when we listen to the message delivered by our spiritual father, it is not something new to us but it is a confirmation. When we receive a confirmation, the Spirit will bring us in deeper fellowship with the Father in the throne room. The Father will begin to speak with us together with Christ and His Holy Spirit. Through that fellowship, the divine activities in us will increase drastically and immediately influence our basic belief, heart attitude, decision-making and lifestyle everyday. Others will no longer see us as ordinary people, but as the temples of God (the place of His divinity lives) on this earth (John 14:23, Revelation 21:3).

When we function as temple of God, our whole being is filled with the Spirit and His Word (Isaiah 59:21), then our lives, as spiritual children will make a great impact. The work of the Spirit and the Word in our life will overflow and flow strongly (Ezekiel 47) until it touch the life of many!! (Revelation 21:4, Isaiah 25:7-9).

Through the life of spiritual sons that have been built to become the temple of God, then the church of God/Zion will be a place that is highly anticipated by nations. They will come to meet the God that we worship (Isaiah 2).

Ps. Steven Agustinus