August 6, 2018

We have to pay attention to the intentions of our hearts, as this is an important aspect which determines our spiritual journey. Many people are struggling with their problems in life, because their never set their hearts to the truth. Some cannot continue their journey in life because they always stand against the Lord. We can see all those effects in the life of Israelites who came out of Egypt. This is an example of a nation that was mocked by other nations (Exodus 32:5), because their behaviour was more corrupt than the surrounding nations.

In Exodus 32, we can see clearly how the evil intention of this nation brings God’s intention to kill the entire nation and begin a new generation from Moses! However, at that moment I also can see clearly Moses’s heart intention, his maturity and his ability to negotiate with God.

If Moses had an evil and deceitful heart; and search for fame and honour just like the leaders of other nations, he would agree to God’s intention to kill Israelites and begin a new nation from his descendants. So the name of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will be wiped out from the history of God’s covenant with them.

A very interesting offer from God to Moses. For me, it is a test for Moses. But because Moses had an accurate heart intention, he could pass the test easily. Moses could begin a ‘new covenant’ with God and carry his own revelation and knowledge of God. He could do that because he was the only one who spent time with God for 40 days on the mountain. He had a ‘track record’ walking in miracle and the awesomeness of God. But Moses refused to accept the ‘offer’ from God. He kept the covenant between God and Abraham; he stayed and walked in it (Exodus 32:11-14).

Moses had an awesome and extraordinary heart. In the midst of an unfaithful nation, Israel, Moses showed his faithfulness to the covenant that God revealed to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Moses realised that God is faithful. He also knew that God called Himself as the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob, because God is faithful to His promise for Israel (Exodus 3:6). While Israelites were completely different from Moses, they replaced the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob with a molten calf. They rejected to walk in covenant and worshiped other gods (open their hearts to the influence of the spirits of the world and evil spirits).

We can use the story above to see the condition of churches today. Because the problem of churches nowadays is not much different from the condition of Israel. Either the congregation has wrong heart intentions, or the leaders ‘seek fame’ and manipulate people for profit in a movement. Many spiritual leaders who are usually called senior pastors always want to ‘begin a new movement’ on their behalf. It is difficult for them to stay in the covering of someone whom God has chosen to carry the divine pattern and the covenant. Even if they claim that they carry God’s movement, but if their hearts are not set to the truth, then they do not carry the same spirit as the one chosen by God! Their life becomes a stumbling block to others and destroys the lives of others.

Yes, the problem is still the same. I believe, the story of Israel is written to be a warning to us now, so we will not repeat the same mistake (1 Corinthians 10:1-14).  Whatever and wherever we are, we must have an accurate attitude of the heart. Whether we are members of the church or spiritual leaders, we have to make sure that our hearts are set to the truth. We have to bring our hearts to His presence everyday brings. Let His Spirit search our hearts with the work of the Spirit and the word so that our lives are always guided by His Spirit walking in the way of God.

God still gave His protection and provision to Israelites even though their hearts are set to Egypt. Imagine what God will do to and with us who want to live in the truth and faithful to the covenant with the spiritual leader that He has set. For sure the movement that God is doing now will reach its pinnacle, where the Kingdom of God will be presented on this earth! The righteous shall reign over the land!

Ps. Steven Agustinus