August 9, 2018

Its very unfortunate indeed that Terah’s spiritual journey ended because he chose to drown in grief due to Haran’s death. His inner conflict grew stronger when he arrived in Haran, a city with the same name as his son. His inner conflict finally led to his eventual death in that city (Gen 11:37-32).

After I meditate about it, it turns out that inner conflict and negative emotions are very dangerous when harbored within. They are very potent in ending our faith journey, leading us to spiritual death, before finally physical death. How terrifying.

Strangely enough, many believers keep ‘nurturing’ inner conflict and negative emotions in their lives. It’s as if they’d rather drown in inner conflict than continuing their steps towards destiny.

Now I understand what the passages below mean:

John 15:16-17 (NASB) You did not choose Me but I chose you, and appointed you that you would go and bear fruit, and that your fruit would remain, so that whatever you ask of the Father in My name He may give to you. This I command you, that you love one another.

1. It doesn’t matter how grand God’s calling in our life is, if we choose to harbor grudge, disappointment, and conflict with others, there is a high chance for our faith journey to end!

2. God is sovereign in choosing us to walk in faith, but if we choose to harbor grudge in our heart against others or drown in inner conflict, the same sovereign God could transfer His calling onto others

3. Our life will never bear fruit 30-fold (becoming willing to die, to believe God even when it doesn’t make sense, and to let go of everything for Him), moreover 60-fold (becoming an impactful and influential person), if we keep harboring inner conflict

We may become ‘successful’, but our success will destroy ourself and others.

4. If we still harbor inner conflict, whatever prayer we lift will never produce any impact

Our communication with the heavenly Father becomes obstructed. Our lives will become religious, and following Him becomes a mere formality. Our awareness of His reality will thin out. Without realizing, we go through our days with our own strength.

5. God’s command is crystal clear: “Love one another”

This is what He means:

a. Whatever wrong others have done, both big and small, let’s keep loving them without harboring any grudge whatsoever. Clear it as soon as possible, be quick to forgive. Install an anti-scratch heart attitude (having wide and accurate perspective) so we could easily understand without compromising.

b. Stop considering normal the feelings of disappointment, irritation, hate, sadness, etc, however little they are. Such feelings are not normal and are against God’s law!

c. Just remember that as believers, we are products of God’s mercy. How could we not forgive those who did us wrong? Meanwhile, God has forgiven us so lavishly! We are forgiven so we could forgive as well! If we are sons of God, it is normal for us to have the nature of forgiveness.

d. If we love others, we will not drown in sadness like Terah. Although Terah loved Haran, it doesn’t mean that he should keep grieving about him. It may seem normal, but it isn’t normal for God! Because to walk with God, we must be willing to let go of our past burdens! If we do so, our walk with God will become light!

e. Fill our hearts with His love. Nurture our first love towards Him and keep fellowshipping with Him. For without His love filling our hearts, it is impossible for us to love others!

6. If we love God more than anything (always giving thanks for His grace and sovereignty in choosing us), our lives will surely bear fruit, and we will never find it difficult to love others!

7. If we want to keep continuing to walk with God in our faith journey like Abraham, and not stopping like Terah, we better finish every kind of inner conflict against anyone. Fill our daily lives with truth, peace and joy.

God has chosen us. It would be very unfortunate to lose God’s calling merely because of unfinished conflicts. Just make sure that God’s reality and love covers our heart everyday by meditating on His goodness, mercy, love and word day and night! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus