December 1, 2018

This is the continuation of yesterday’s message…

3. We always manifest the fruit of the Spirit in our everyday life (Gal 5:19-23)

We only have 2 choices. If we don’t manifest the fruit of the Spirit, we will surely manifest the deeds of the flesh in our everyday life and vice versa(Gal 5:19-23). Because the two are contrary; it’s impossible to do both at the same time.

Oftentimes, we “know” that our poor habit is wrong, and if we continue, it will bring terrible consequences. However, we are also the ones who often choose to silence our conscience which is trying to rebuke us to return to truth.

If we keep silencing our conscience, it will DIE OUT at one point. Without the voice of our conscience, it’s very easy for us to carry out the deeds of the flesh without feeling guilty. At the same time, if our conscience stays unclean, the enemy could keep condemning us. This will stunt our spiritual growth. Because we don’t grow as we should, we won’t bear the fruit of the Spirit. As a result, our reputation is broken; people know us out of our bad character, and the carelessness in our speech and behavior. Without knowing, we become a stumbling block for others.

Quickly repent and resolve our heart! Then, listen to our conscience again! He is a faithful and just God; He will cleanse our conscience (Heb 9:14). He will bring us to live by a pure conscience (Acts 24:16).

4. We have a conviction: I have died to sin, but alive for God and the fulfillment of His plans (Rom 6:11, Gal 5:24)

Without configuring our minds with this conviction, we are still “alive”. Because we are still “alive”, we are easily offended, live carelessly, pout, etc. We could also feel weak and powerless, unable to escape the chains of sin. We become more and more human and worldly.

So, transform our old conviction that often says, “Well, I’m still alive! It’s normal for me to feel hurt when I’m ‘pinched’.”

Start to reconfigure our mind by saying, “I have died to sin! If I am ‘pinched’, a dead man would feel nothing! Listen, my soul: now I no longer live for sin, but for God!” This declaration is one of things we could do to re-set our mind with divine logic.

I realize more and more that to live in the spirit, the mind has a vital role. God didn’t create the mind to be our enemy, but to help us! By learning to set our mind, it will stop resisting our spirit, and partner with it to realize God’s word.

5. We merge in a spiritual house and function as part of the body of Christ (Gal 5:25-26)

Believers who don’t guard the dynamics and the work of the Spirit in their life will find it difficult to enter God’s corporate life; the body of Christ. Because they will keep manifesting individualistic life!

Inaccurate believers’ only role in His body is an ill body part, which needs lots of attention and help. Even worse, they could manifest flesh which corrupts the order of the body of Christ (1 Tim 1:20, 2 Tim 2:17)!

 Let’s keep building these divine standards, and we will have a solid corporate life. Together, we will become more and more victorious in Christ! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus