December 12, 2019

This message is the continuation of yesterday’s message


To follow up various revelation of the Spirit about God’s names and natures specially about El-Shaddai; Holy Spirit gives me some additional understandings:


1. When God created man, I made man in His image and likeness (Genesis 1:26)


It means that all of God’s natures/attributes are in the man that He created! But because the first man listened to the serpent’s voice more, did not persevere to only listen to the God’s voice, then all divine natures/attributes in him were corrupted!


The Bible wrote with a Hebrew word ‛êyrôm, to describe the human being naked. The word ‛êyrôm has the meaning of being cunning, slick, full of deceptions – a description of devil’s natures adopted by man due to the work of the power of sin because they violate the word of God (Genesis 3:7). So the ‘nakedness’ of the man is caused by them who were losing God’s natures/ attributes or the likeness with God in their lives and is replaced by the natures of the enemy!


After the redemption through Christ, every believer (new creation) must keep experiencing the work of the word and Spirit that makes them delightedly and willingly surrender their lives again on the altar of God, so that once again, only God that reigns and rules over the new lives that they receive as a believer (Romans 6:11). Only after the surrender of their lives, the believers will inherit the spirit of Christ in their lives (Romans 8:9).


The existence of the spirit of Christ will reactivate the function of God’s natures/attributes in our lives! Even by keeping meditate the revelation of the Spirit about God’s natures/attributes, we will experience how our daily lives will manifest God’s divinity clearly!


2. The existence of God who reveals Himself as El Shaddai opens a room for a man to relish again the life as a ‘whole’ individual just like Adam before the appearance of Eve


When God made Adam, he was the only man on this earth, but Adam never felt lonely. The feeling of loneliness is the effect of sin which contaminates human’s emotion; but when believer receives the revelation about God’s existence as El Shaddai – God nurtures with tenderness and love (contains feminine elements) but at the same time also protects with might (contains masculine elements) then man will have a perfect balance in life – emotionally means that believer will enjoy the life of emotion that is fully balanced! They don’t need experience many emotional problems just like other people do in this world!


Like God El Shaddai in His tender love initiated a new chapter in Abraham’s life; and He removed all the rages of the negative emotions that Jacob felt, as well as in the present, all believers who receive the revelation about God El Shaddai will be able to continue their life journeys without experiencing their lives to be overshadowed by various of inner conflicts or bad experience in the past! God acts to free believers so that they return to live their healthy, normal and full of enthusiasm lives every day!


3. The revelation about the existence of God El Shaddai opens way for every believer, so they could find their new identity in Christ


Both Abram and Jacob, they experienced how God who revealed Himself as El Shaddai giving them their new names – giving a new identity (Genesis 17:5, 35:10).


For so long, this world keeps molding all people’s lives – including the believers’, to bring identity that is aligned with this word, and even tends to carry the natures of the devil! Men keep living inaccuracies or imbalances! By accepting the Spirit’s revelation about God’s nature/attribute as El Shaddai, believers will live their daily lives ‘wholly or completely’, fully. There is a completely new kind of life, there is a divine nature that begins to manifest in the daily lives of the believers.


I pray that many readers of the Daily Devotion will experience the revelation about God as El Shadday; and let their daily lives become more divine in God! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus