December 16, 2019

This message is the continuation of yesterday’s message


8. I am Jehova Tseba’oth – The commander of God’s army (Joshua 5:14)


When Israel had to face the wall of Jericho, an atmosphere of impossibility very soon covered the whole nation. But Joshua, as a new leader in Israel had learned a lot and experienced that nothing was impossible for God!


Joshua soon sought God’s face to receive a specific direction from Him; he knew if God had given him a command, it is impossible for God to remain silent when they were facing challenges in realizing God’s will. So Joshua seclude to connect himself with God’s existence! And God revealed Himself to Joshua as Jehova Tseba’oth, the Commander of heaven’s army. Joshua only needed to follow the guidance from God because the battle to conquer the wall of Jericho was initiated by God an He would finish it completely!


Likewise for us at this present time. There is a task that God has given us (His church) to enter various domain in our daily lives and conquer them for the kingdom of heaven. This task definitely deserves to be called as a ‘Mission Impossible’ because if we compare ourselves with the wicked people ‘out there’, we will never be able to compete with them; they have everything they need to stay ‘on top’ – from position, potential, skill, creativity, ability, connection, etc. The same condition when Israel had to conquer the wall of Jericho that was thick enough to function as a house (Joshua 2:15).


But when Joshua received a revelation about God as Jehova Tseba’oth, and he followed the direction that God had given accurately – no matter weird the direction was, when they shouted – like the direction God had given then the wall of Jericho fell down (Joshua 6:20)!


I believe, if God has given us His command, His church will be able to take over various domains in this world, then He will also fight for us! The thing we should do is to build our conviction and perspective aligned with the principles of His existence that never changes! If in the past He fought against the wall of Jericho, then I’m sure, He is still ready to fight for us in order to conquer the other Jerichos that keep blocking us in completing His will or plan!


We enter various domains in our daily lives, not by our might; but we follow the guidance of His Spirit! We conquer various domains that are there and represent the reality of the kingdom out there, not by our natural ability, but by connecting ourselves to God who is always ready to fight for us! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus