December 18, 2019

This message is the continuation of yesterday’s message


10. I am El Azar – God who gives help, covers, guards, equips you (Isaiah 41:14)

The prophecy and revelation that were delivered by the prophet Isaiah to God’s people whom were in the exile because of their disobedience to their leaders.

Even though God was forced to scatter His people because of their wickedness, but God still showed His love to them. He still kept His promise to be with them, even He revealed His name, as a manifestation of a covenant that He would never break.

In this current time, there are so many God’s people who seem to be ‘cut off from the covenant with God’ because they are in the covering the leaders who have also been ‘rejected from God’s presence’ (Ezekiel 44:10-14). These leaders can no longer channel the divine life, the manifestation of the Spirit or the revelation of the word that come from the throne – because even they are still doing their ministry that they usually do, but God has deliberately ‘hid Himself from them’ so that all their ministries that exist are mere routines or religious activities.

To people who happen to be’dragged along’ in such conditions, but keep crying out to God to experience the reality of God’s inclusion, He will come and say : I am El Azar, God who will give you help; I will always cover, guard and equip you even when you are in the captivity!

After all, God is still faithful! He knows the heart of every man. That is why even though Daniel was one of those who were exiled or in exile in Babylon, but God was still with Daniel! In His divine arrangement, Daniel was selected to be one of those who were prepared to work helping the king Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 1). Even when the wise men throughout Babylon were facing the danger of being killed, Daniel the one who was used by God to cast off the king’s anger (Daniel 2) – at the same time God used that event to promote Daniel.

God has all kinds of ways to keep guarding, helping, equipping even promoting the existence of His people.

I believe, He will do the same thing in your life! make sure we keep burning in receiving Him, it must be established in our hearts to keep following His plan or design in our lives. He will never leave you alone! Even when you are in the exile! He still listens to your prayers even He keeps watching you closely because He is the God who holds the covenant. #ILoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus