December 26, 2019

In the spirit, I could truly feel and see the future of God’s church; it’s so great and extraordinary! God’s church will move in the prophetic-apostolic dimension at a whole new level – very deep, strong and sharp. Whatever the church says has power to create the non-existing into existence, and making the impossible possible. God’s church has the authority to govern at the scale of the nations.


The sharpness to move in the spirit is being released from the throne room with such a great intensity. I see the Father is all-out in releasing His dimension of power and glory to equip His children on earth. We will be able to move in a way that surpasses all humanistic thoughts to restore everything on this earth (we no longer consider ourselves as ordinary human being, but CHILDREN OF GOD).

I see an acceleration is taking place in the spirit. Holy Spirit is massively cleansing the spiritual atmosphere over His people. He is also directing the inclination of His people’s heart to only be fixed on God and His Word. Therefore, the spiritual eyes of God’s people could see Him as He is. That’s what will enable us to reach the fullness of Christ and God on this earth.


How phenomenal! The gifts of the Spirit will return to His church! But they are not for those who still walk for their own interest, and those who are yet to die from their self, no! The gifts of the Spirit are for those who live for God alone. The maturity of those who carry the gifts will make Holy Spirit lift us to enter the domain of government. There, we will rised as an influential, renowned, and respected people. Because “they know” (Rev 21, Isa 2) that we are accurately connected to God! Every decision and policy will always be made in the approval of His church! (This won’t happen through human ways, but by God’s divine ways that surprasses all humanistic thoughts).


This morning, I am truly sure in the spirit that those days are being started by the Holy Spirit. And I can compare more clearly between what this world is offering, the system of this world, and the agenda of the Kingdom of Heaven. Truly, the system of this world is GARBAGE – I am not interested in the success of this world at all! God’s church will move in the power, glory, gifts, and accuracy in the spirit. The name of God could not be denied anymore. And only those who shout to that Name will be saved from the evil system of this world. Every tongue will confess and every knee will bow to worship the living God! Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven!


I heard the Holy Spirit speaking in my heart: “When you see all these, and you believe it, then you have become just like what you see. And you have received what you see. Because you have, then I will add until abundance. Therefore, that abundance will make you stay connected to My eternity. Know that only eternity can swallow up death in victory! Your part is to stay focused and persevering! Do not get distracted from the identity that I’ve given you. Stay focused and convinced! Make these your daily “food”, and you will grow according to My word! Just focus on that!”



Ps. Steven Agustinus