December 4, 2018

It’s very important for us to keep our heart sincerely/purely to God and others. Because when spiritual gifts comes and equips upon our life, then our existence would become the instrument of righteousness that is very dangerous. Otherwise, it could be the instrument of unrighteousness which destroys many people’s lives if we didn’t purely love God! That means our lives are useless for His Kingdom!

That is what happened to the Corinthian church (1 Cor 13). Many of them moved in the name of spiritual gifts, but their spirit and motivation were impure. As a result, they destroyed the structure of the congregation’s life. They no longer serve the agenda of God, but for themselves, for their profit, fame, only to satisfy the desires of their flesh! Paul said that their lives was useless!

Therefore, Paul explained the manifestation of the pure love (1 Cor 13:4-8). So that the Corinthians could return to the purity of divine love which is the basis/ ‘motor’ to serve God and others (2 Cor 1:12, 2 Cor 6:1-10)

I believe, Paul’s epistle for the Corinthians is also a warning for us – including me. So that I can always see the depth of my heart and always fix this heart whenever it begins to be tainted by various impure motivations. I will keep listening and obeying the Holy Spirit’s voice in my conscience and other ways so that I will know the true condition of my heart before God.

Because the more we are equipped by the Holy Spirit with every spiritual gift, then the more dangerous our lives are. If we keep being impure in divine love, then we would be very dangerous for the congregation’s life (it could perverse many people’s lives)

My prayer: Holy Spirit, help me to discipline myself in order to check my heart every morning and every time. Rebuke me, correct me, give me the spirit of repentance so that I do not need to argue with the Holy Spirit’s reprimand in me.

The most important thing for me is the love to God that keep blazing and burning in me, so that the awareness of God’s reality continues to accompany me in this journey of faith. Without the presence of God, I am nothing and can’t do anything. Without Your presence, I’m just an initiator which move without command, lack of direction and divine destiny.

But with Your presence, I will become an executor (doing Your will as an expression of my love and obedience in hearing the voice of God).

Burn my love more and more to You God, let it flow abundantly in my heart. So that the abundance of your love can touch many people’s lives and bring them to experience of the encounter with the Father’s love!! #ILoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus