December 9, 2019

This message is the continuation of the yesterday’s message

2. I am El Me’ode Rabah Sakar – God who makes Himself as an abundant reward/ compensation


When Abram went to a battle and defeated the king of Chedarlaomer with his allies, the plunder should have been his rights together with his soldiers who fought with him. But somehow, the king of Sodom considered that the booty was his property and he would give it to Abram in exchange for his people (Genesis 14:21-23). By Abram refusing the offer of the king of Sodom, it means he had suffered a great financial loss!

But when he was lost financially, God came to him and said: I am your great compensation! God made Himself as a compensation for Abram; whatever form and how much amount of loss that Abram suffered as a consequence of rejecting the offer, God affirmed, he would not suffer any loss because I am the one who will compensate all your losses in abundance!

Through the above principle, Holy Spirit affirms that He will also bring every believer who lives in this current generation receives their compensation abundantly from God as long as they are willing to set their hearts to keep living in accuracy and truth! It’s no more a secret that the life of this generation is truly hard because of many temptations, traps or worldly enticement that are deadly! So, we need a sort of grace to keep living sincerely, righteously and accurately before God; it is often found when we live our lives everyday, everything is measured by the money and other personal benefits.

Despite all that, God however affirms us to live consistently in righteousness, pursue His reality and fulfill His plan! Even though it seems to position ourselves to suffer a lot of loss, the Holy Spirit affirms, “keep doing the right thing that you must do! Don’t be afraid to suffer loss because I am your great compensation!” “Whatever is truly your portion – and as a good Father, I have set a portion of blessing for you – cannot be taken from you! I will make sure that your portion will return to you and you will enjoy it!”

I pray, let the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the life of every believer who is reading this article, who rebuilds their perspective and conviction aligned with the word, will experience great breakthrough! You are truly set free from fear, worry of lack in your everyday life; you are freed from the slavery of Babylonian system or the dependance of Mammon! You live in a divine liberty in order to follow through the guidance of His Spirit in your life. Hallelujah! #ILoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus