February 1, 2019

The Holy Spirit reveals the presence of God in our lives according to the need to  build our identity in Him. He gives us revelation after revelation to form us according to the Father’s will.

– If our identity is destroyed/damaged due to painful incidents, the revelation of a loving Father, who cares and is always there to give us strength through difficult times, will heal and restore our identity that has been corrupted by the evil one.

– If all this time the world/the evil spirit has formed us to become ‘peace makers’ –  to avoid confrontation for the sake of friendship/to make everybody ‘calm and quiet’, the Holy Spirit will reveal the presence of God as someone who holds our right hand (as a sign of God’s protection for us as someone who clings to His truth – Isiah 41:13).

– If all this time the spirits of the world have formed us to become someone who is easily anxious, afraid and hesitant, then the Holy Spirit will restore our true identity in Christ by revealing His presence as God who redeems us and restores our whole being (Isiah 41:14).

In short, no matter what our present condition is, as a result of the formation of this world with all those activities of the spirits of the world, the Holy Spirit will destroy everything by presenting the spiritual facts stored in His word that will build divine logic in our lives (condition us to trust His word, that reveal our new identity in Christ, more than the facts presented by this world. The more we easily ‘influence and trust’ the word revealed by the Holy Spirit about our new identity, the faster we enter the ‘new day’ that He has prepared, and we will enjoy a different spiritual position. This is the beginning of us entering God’s world.

1. Keep asking the Holy Spirit to reveal our new identity in Christ.

Every time the word comes to our lives, ask the Holy Spirit to help us see our new identity in Christ. God wants to reform our identity that has been formed according to the world so that His glory can be manifested through our daily lives.

When the Holy Spirit brings us to see our new identity in Christ, He is bringing us to see Him as He truly is and changing us to be more like Him (1John 3:2).

2. Our identity plays an important role in spirit realm.

Our identity determines the results of our prayers/declarations that we make. When we are experiencing the work of the word and the Spirit that sealed our new identity in Christ, our prayers and declarations will be easily manifested, because our identity determines the impact we produce in the spirit realm. And every change that takes place in the spirit realm will manifest in the natural world.

3. When our identity changes through the work of the word and the Spirit, our stature before God also changes (we have a stronger right to stand before God!).

The Holy Spirit explained that after all, our identity, that is being built/reformed through His word, plays a vital role in our interaction with the Father (Genesis 18:17-19). The more we believe in our new identity in Christ, His divinity will become more real in our lives, we can easily come to Him and interact with Him (1John 3:19-22).

Ps. Steven Agustinus